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hello everyone some. of you may all ready know me but for the people that don’t my name is Edu Cuevas atenco I am 18 year old and I am form Mexican even do I grow up in the states it has not change a fact that I know where I come form I am very proud to be what I am. some hobbies of mine include playing video games, watch anime, playing soccer, baking form making sweets to even making bread. even do I have not had much time to do anything much more than work and go to school that reminds me. I work at a fast food place called shake shack on Bedford so if you are ever hungry swing by I would be more the happy to give anyone a discount as long as you do a small service just answering a few questions for me and that’s all. I also have only one younger brother he drives me crazy for so reasons don’t know the reason why he just does and it is out of no where to good luck have a good day hope to get along with all you guys and girls and so and so…

My name is Dylan I’m 17, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I really love basketball my favorite player all time is Kobe Bryant but currently it’s Steph Curry. I’ve been playing basketball pretty much all my life I have played for many teams including my school aau etc. When I’m not playing basketball I’m playing video games with my friends or watching sports with my dad. My favorite thing to do in New York City is to go bike riding at nigh with my friends.

This picture is meaningful to me because it shows how distant I am from others. It shows I shouldn’t rely on people to help me accomplish my goals and I can just go out and do it by myself.