For Unit 2, you are researching ONE subject.  You will have three sources of information on the ONE subject that you summarize, analyze and respond to.

In your essay, be sure to set up your argument in dialogue with these authors.  Make your point clear, then focus on specific examples to support your assertions. Consider including counter-argument and ideas missed by the articles.

If you prefer, you may write a “Response Paper” to one of your readings or to the film “Social Dilemma.”

Before writing your assignment, you will be asked to write a “Reflective Annotated Bibliography” (RAB) on your cumulative readings.

RAB Components:

  • Introduction (200-300 words)
    • Introduce the topic of your research project and why it matters.
  • List your sources in alphabetical order, with MLA citation and info below (400-500 words each)
    • 1-paragraph Summary + 2-3 Key Quotes (include citation page if possible)
    • 1-paragraph Rhetorical Analysis (Who is the author? What kind of publication is this?  How do you feel the author’s writing style, awareness of audience and purpose (reason for writing), and choice of genre affect the meaning and credibility of the document?)
    • 1-paragraph Response (what do *you* think of these ideas? how does this source add to your knowledge?)

Evaluation Criteria Checklist

  • Reflection should be readable, informative, and thorough and give a clear sense of the author’s ideas and your own
  • Sources should be varied in content and genre
  • Formatting should be clear, with attention to visual organization (labels)
  • Citations should follow MLA format
  • Clear sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation