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Myself introduction

Hello, To begin, my name is Kylie Michelle Matias Born in the Dominican Republic On May 12, 2004, my pronouns are Her/She. I immigrated to the United States when I was 12 years old and since I arrived I had a goal of becoming an American citizen to be able to get rid of my last name. from my dad and on March 9, 2023 I achieved it from Kylie Michelle Garcia Matias Just Kylie Michelle Matias, The reason I took away my father’s last name is because it is a last name that does not identify me and he is a father I abandon myself and my mother, my hobbies in New York are about living because New York is a state where you don’t have time for anything, you wake up, you have to go to university, you come home from university, you fall asleep and you have to wake up again. for the university and the truth is that that is not life we ​​are slaves to new york and although I love the United States the truth is that I hate new york and I want to move to another state.

She is my mother and she is very special to me since she is everything in my life and this photo is special because on Tuesday, September 5, I could not be with her on her birthday because she was in this class but I made up for it by making her a surprise. with Minnie Mouse, who is her favorite doll and I feel very happy because she loved it and had a great time, It is also special because thanks to her I live in the United States since she came in 2014 and left us here to give us a better future and for us to be happy and even though I don’t like New York very much, I feel happy to be here because my mother I cry a lot and work a lot to get us here.

Introduction to me (Carl)

 Hello, I’m Carl Wendy Simea, I’m a 19-year-old foreign student. I was born and raised in Haiti, until last year when I came to Brooklyn. The pronoun agenda is new to me but my pronouns will be he/him. Honestly, I don’t have a specific way I like to be addressed, if I hear my name, I’ll answer. In my free time, I like to watch videos about engineers and how things work, I’m crazy about engineering. My major is computer engineering; Ever since I was little I use to open up all my toys to see how it worked and I think all of that contributed to my interest in computer engineering. Well, I don’t like talking about myself, I’d rather listen so that’ll be all for today.


This robotic arm represents my future, I believe that in the future, I’ll be making robots to improve people’s daily lives. The reason why I chose an arm was to link it to humans as the arm really makes you think of a human arm. The purpose of technology is to meet and solve a human problem, I’m looking forward to forming a group of computer engineers like me and we will focus on making people’s lives easier. I want to improve convenience whether it’s at home, in the street, or at work.