Beginning of Class Writing: Rockley’s “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology”

For today’s class, you read Ann Rockley’s “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology,” We’ve discussed single sourcing during class before. It is the generation, categorization, and targeted use of content to create different kinds of documents for a variety of different audiences. It is an efficient use of workplace time and resources to communicate more effectively with employees, customers, clients, organizations, and others. In addition to writing a brief summary memo of your reading, how might you apply single sourcing techniques to the development of some of your project two deliverables?

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  1. George Gordon

    To: Jason W. Ellis
    From: George Gordon
    Subject: In Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology
    Date: November 11th, 2015

    This article goes into the topics of technology and single sourcing with how integral technology has become in written communication. However, technology hasn’t made the best transition as these materials can limit what we can do. With single sourcing having multiple different types that can be made, such as, having the same content but presented in a different manner or content from a single source that is customized depending on the platform. Then there is information that is stored in user profiles where the users can see what is relevant to them and electronic performance support system that provides answers to questions, reference material and training to help with the products. Finally, it would be a team effort by all to utilize the single sources and adapt methods everyone can understand.

  2. Naveeda Akhtar

    TO: Professor Jason Ellis

    FROM: Naveeda Akhtar

    DATE: 11/11/15

    SUBJECT: Rockley’s “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology”

    In the article by Rockley called, “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology,” employers are now looking for candidates who can use technology in an efficient way to accommodate the needs of the company. Many of these technological skills include being able to convert paper-based materials to online, correcting errors, the use of graphics on paper or online media, etc. Single sourcing has to do when materials have been replicated to different sources such as the media and paper. An issue with this is that using the same exact information without tweaking it or changing it up to accommodate the needs of different audiences and usage can be detrimental to its original purpose. Content must be made to suit the source it is being distributed on to make sure that the purpose the author is trying to elaborate on is being made for a target audience.

    I might apply single sourcing techniques to the development of the project two deliverables by first figuring out where this information we are writing is going to, as well as who our audience is. The write to that specific audience to fit their best needs and expectations. However, if we also write something for a completely different source then we must be willing to change it in order to ensure audience satisfaction.

  3. Mereoni

    To: Professor Jason Ellis
    From: Mereoni Rabukawaqa
    Date: 11 November, 2015
    Subject: Rockleys “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology”

    The biggest takeaway I got from this reading assignment is that single sourcing requires us as writers to “move to a team approach” in order to develop our document. That’s exactly what this project is about – collaborative writing. Rockley discusses the four different levels of single sourcing, beginning with ‘identical content, multiple media’. As the level title implies, it basically means that the content is replicated identically across different forms of media. The second level, static customized content, allows the writer to build content for multiple media from a single source. The third level offers content (through multiple forms of media) customized to the needs of multiple users based on their profiles, selections and personalization. The final level, electronic performance support system, is basically ‘smart technology’ i.e. it anticipates what kind of content the user needs before they know it. For this project we will be incorporating single sourcing by working on different parts of several different documents, then working together to ensure that the document is cohesive and that all necessary information is integrated.

  4. Albert H

    To: Jason W. Ellis
    From: Albert Hemmings
    Subject: In Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology
    Date: November 11th, 2015
    The article “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology” touches on the topic of technology and single sourcing by bringing to our attention of how technology has become a huge part of communications. Even though technology has made our lives easier in many ways it has not had a good impact in tech communications. The issue of identical content in multiple media has been a main issue. By single sourcing, the development of information content in a form that can conveniently be the basis for other forms of content.

  5. valentina

    TO: Dr. Jason Ellis

    FROM: Valentina Pineda

    DATE: November 11, 2015

    SUBJECT: “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology” summary

    This article talks about how new technology has driven the direction of professions and single sourcing. People who are able to use innovative technology are being hired for jobs as opposed to those without a strong knowledge of tools and technical communicational skills.
    A significant portion of a professional technical communication includes converting paper based material into online documents, identifying and correcting compile errors. Technological skills are being implemented as a work requirement as employers leave out very important skills such as .communicational skills such as speech and also communicating with co workers.However the introduction of technology hasn’t been all bad, as online search tools have provided great accessibility to big volumes of information. There are also faster research methods and well as distribution tools. Single sourcing techniques can be applied to our project assignment by being aware and doing some research on who specifically our audience would be and how to properly write our documents directed to these group of individuals.

  6. Christopher Navarrete

    TO: Jason W. Ellis
    FROM: Christopher Navarrete
    DATE: November 11, 2015
    SUBJECT: “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology”

    Ann Rockley discusses the importance of single sourcing and the different levels of it in her article “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology.” According to Rockley, there are four levels of single sourcing, identical content and multiple media, static customized content, dynamic customized content, and EPSS (electronic performance support system) respectively. Level one explains how content across all mediums (such as Adobe Acrobat) are identical. Level two on the other hand “is customized to meet the needs of the user, the type of materials to be developed, and the media” (Rockley). Level three focuses on customization of documents as it is “on-the-fly (Rockley). Finally, for level four, the computer provides the user information that they may need to know at the moment. It usually helps in making decisions as it answers questions and gives reference material among others.

  7. simone216

    TO: Dr.Jason Ellis
    FROM: Anika Aarons
    SUBJECT: In Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology
    DATE: November 11, 2015
    This article Rockley’s “The impact of Single Sourcing and Technology” discusses how the concept of integral technology has transitioned into a new form of written communication. The purpose of single sourcing which consists of several different ways of deliveries such as what manner, content, tone, customizing, and then the overall performance. This article was very helpful in connection to our own group project, in which this provides a clear understanding of what is asked and how our project should be presented. Rockley also highlights on the role of technology, and how the complications of identical content imposes limitations. Explaining that certain needs should be met in hopes to avoid these issues such as, multiple media output, multiple platform, product families, multiple information products, multiple audiences, and multiple releases.

  8. Yulduz Saidinova

    TO: Dr. Jason W. Ellis

    FROM: Yulduz Saidinova

    DATE: November 11, 2015

    SUBJECT: Rockley’s “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology”

    This article points out about technology and single sourcing. Since the technology is moving forward and expanding our written communication has become integral technology. But even though new technology has more abilities, it has some limitations. People that are not really familiar with new technological equipments being limited in their jobs or having trouble with finding one. Since the technology diversing more and more, most of the companies require people with knowledge of these new technological machines. But these new requirements making other skills to be left out. For example communication skills important between co workers, but using technology communication for example through the email can limit these face to face communication. But in general if we look at these new technologies it made our life easier when it comes to look for new sources and for research. This article was very helpful for our group project. We can use the technique which is single sourcing. When we doing research we have to be aware that who is our audience and we have to do our documents specific to those audience.

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