Beginning of Class Writing: “Introducing Management and Business Research”

For today’s class, you read Mark Easterby-Smith, Richard Thorpe, and Paul R. Jackson, “Introducing Management and Business Research,” from Management Research, Considering the fact that your current research-component of the final project is an on-going draft, I selected this reading as something to inform your revision of the draft with additional research and analysis as we move forward with the project. Spend the first ten minutes of class writing a summary memo about your reading and post it as a comment to this blog entry.

8 thoughts on “Beginning of Class Writing: “Introducing Management and Business Research”

  1. George Gordon

    To: Jason W. Ellis
    From: George Gordon
    Date: November 9th, 2015
    Subject: Business Research

    In the article, “Introducing Management and Business Research,” the concept of management is discussed and how their are different methods to it. The current idea of management has derived from the U.S with its emphasis on business and entrepreneurial skills. They detail the fact that the way to get good management skills, is simply trial and error. The article even provides a checklist of skills that would be beneficial for management. Some of these include, planning, awareness of the world, creativity, emotional resilience, research skills, and interpersonal skills. Diversity of perspectives is included in management, as these can provide new ways to approach your work. With support and negotiation being a key factors in providing the best quality work.

  2. Naveeda Akhtar

    TO: Professor Jason Ellis

    FROM: Naveeda Akhtar

    DATE: November 9, 2015

    SUBJECT: “Introducing Management and Business Research”

    In “Introducing Management and Business Research,” by Mark Easterby-Smith, Richard Thorpe, and Paul R. Jackson, the book talks about how management and research has changed over time. Also, about how personal and situational factors affect success when doing research in groups. Management research has to do with actions and their consequences in public and private organizations. Business research, however, focuses on corporate performance mainly with private sector organizations. It also shows the different ways of conducting research as well as providing guidance as to which criteria to focus on.

  3. reazul20

    TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Reazul Hassan
    SUBJECT: Management and Business Research

    The reading discusses the idea of conducting research to as an educational qualification. Management research is important be cause it studies the managers and the consequences of how they act on the employees. Management should not be neglected in a business company because it can make the work force more effective and efficient. The idea of management is an ancient practice, starting from the Mesopotamian and Chinese to the present. There are techniques in managements that allow success in work places. The management should follow the key idea of support and supervision.

  4. Christopher Navarrete

    TO: Jason W. Ellis
    FROM: Christopher Navarrete
    DATE: November 9, 2015
    SUBJECT: “Introducing Management and Business Research”

    Mark Easterby-Smith in “Introducing Management and Business Research” discusses the different research methods in management and business research. According to Smith, management research and business research are quite similar. The main difference between the two is that management research may focus on the “nature and consequences of managerial actions,” while business research is “more likely to focus on determinants of corporate performance” (Smith).

    Smith also discusses the skills necessary for the two. Skills such as planning, organizing, and time management can only be fully acquired through trial and error. Other important skills include self-awareness, clarity of thought, creativity, and emotional resilience.

  5. simone216

    TO: Dr. Jason Ellis
    FROM: Anika Aarons
    SUBJECT: “Introducing Management and Business Research”
    DATE: November 9, 2015
    The article, “Introducing Management and Business Research” by Mark Easterby-Smith, Richard Thorpe, and Paul R. Jackson discusses the importance of Management and the attributes that the idea of managing should consist of. Also highlighting on the purpose of Business Research, and how it connects to management. Firstly giving the overall definition theory of what “management “means in different ways. From giving background examples of the past architect landscapes such as the Great Wall in China and the pyramids in Egypt, and how the buildup of such things required good management. Further going on to explain required skills for managers to have such as research skills, patience, emotional resilience, planning/organizing abilities, awareness of the world, creativity, and interpersonal skills. The concept of management and business research connects based on features such as political, academic theory, pure research, applied research, and the use of qualitative and quantitative methods.

  6. Mereoni

    To: Professor Jason Ellis
    From: Mereoni Rabukawaqa
    Date: 9 November, 2015
    Subject: Introducing Management and Business Research

    Today’s reading gave a rundown on understanding management and it’s different styles, thought it mostly expounded on how it can be used in relation to business research and how these two skills are and can be used in the workplace. Management became recognized as a skill to be taught and learned in schools in the early twentieth century during the industrial revolution in America. While the role of manager has undergone many different job descriptions, such as going from the stance of motivating people and managing change of the 1940s-1970s to the present day style of managing through learning and strategizing, the fact has always remained that management is necessary to getting a job done effectively. This can mean management at home, at work, in school and even in research. Management research can mean that you plan ahead for what to research, such as preparing questions to answer in relation to your subject topic, scheduling time devoted to research, or divvying up different parts of your research.

  7. valentina

    TO:Dr Jason Ellis

    FROM: Valentina Pineda

    DATE: November 9th, 2015

    SUBJECT: “Introducing Management and Business Research,” Summary

    This article’s main topic is to show the different research methods and strategies that are used specifically for management and Business Research. This is reading is intended for professionals that do research as part of their normal work routine. the article mentions both of the practical techniques of conducting research. There is an ongoing debate about whether management research should lead to academic theory or whether it should lead to practical problems. There is also provided guidance on the skills and resources to carry out good research. This is important as being part of management or member of a company that requires research, we should know the specific guidelines on how to properly succeed in our company. This article is a very detailed guide and really informed me on how to properly conduct business research.

  8. Yulduz Saidinova

    TO: Dr. Jason W. Ellis

    FROM: Yulduz Saidinova

    DATE: November 9, 2015

    SUBJECT: “Introducing Management and Business Research”

    This article talks about mainly about concepts of management and research. It provides with methods of research in management and business research. Management research is more about nature and consequences of managerial actions. Also covers organization, which are public and private. Research is mainly focused on determinants of corporate performance.

    Article also briefly breaks down what is management and modern use of it. It also has table with seven perspectives on management, it shows the period of dominance and how the views were on management. In addition author also discussed about skills and resources for the management and business research. This section of reading more about qualities of researchers. Also this article talks about supervision and support. There are few helpful skill given for how to work together. This paragraph of the article is about supervisor role and how to gain that skill. One of the other paragraph of the article is about style and creativity. It talks about 3 “blind luck” factors that apparent in many discoveries. These 3 factors are being in motion, prepared mind and individualized action.

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