Beginning of Class Writing: Executive Summaries

For today’s class, you read an article (Emanuel, “The Executive Summary: A Key to Effective Communication,” s8) about how to develop executive summaries and how you might repurpose them in various ways to meet your needs as communicators. Spend the first ten minutes of class writing your summary of today’s reading. Think about and discuss how the way Emanuel discusses the executive summary might be beneficial in your own research and writing.

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  1. Naveeda Akhtar

    TO: Professor Jason Ellis

    FROM: Naveeda Akhtar

    DATE: November 25, 2015

    SUBJECT: Executive Summaries

    An executive summary identifies the main points of the document and provides the information which is necessary for decision making. The format of the executive summary should be in a presentable way that will help the reader make a decision. Information should be organized in the following order: Topic and Impact, Recommendation, Methodology, Results, and last but not least, Conclusion. The reader must be willing to understand each part of the summary as well as understand the relationships and the logic that comes with reaching the recommendation. The information should be organized in the following order: Problem Definition, Summary of Factual Information, Conclusions, Recommendations, and Cost-Benefit Analysis. This might be effective for my own team project since the executive summary can serve as a table of contents which can be useful in the owner`s manual since it can help the reader find the information they are looking for easily by using the page numbers.

  2. ThaerT

    TO: Professor Jason Ellis

    FROM: Thaer Tayeh

    DATE: November 25, 2015

    SUBJECT: Executive Summaries

    The article discusses how to execute a summary. The importance of a summary comes from it being able to summarize large amounts of information into about one page. To form a summary all information must be gathered and then organized through steps of facts- conclusion- recommendations -decisions. In order to compress information into a one page summary it is important to take only key points that can fit the criteria of the summary giving the target reader an understanding of the subject being summarized. The format of summarization can be beneficial for my team’s current project because we have researched a large amount of information based on our product, and we aim to summarize key points on the Commodore 64 to make it as user friendly as possible.

  3. Natasha95

    To:Professor J Ellis

    From:Narayani Armstrong

    Subject:Executive Summary


    The following article that we have read about is an Executive Summary and what is the difference between summary and an executive summary. A summary is an overall aspect about a specific topic, but with an Executive summary is a right of the back facts that helps make your decision easy and straightforward. You can be bale to approach your decision easier rather than reading an entire summary that would be in the case where you would have to figure out why you want that specific item. A summary can help make it more clearer if you want more information about that specific topic, and with an Executive Summary you can use bullet point to come to your conclusion faster.

  4. Mereoni

    To: Professor Jason Ellis
    From: Mereoni Rabukawaqa
    Date: 25 November, 2015
    Subject: The Executive Summary

    In today’s reading, Bradley University’s Joseph T. Emanuel explains why being able to write a good summary is an important skill to have in the writing industry and breaks down the process of getting it done. The type of summary Emanuel discusses is called an executive summary. The main purpose of an executive summary is to help the readers–described as ‘decision-makers’–of whatever document it is summarizing understand the main points of it, especially if it is a long read. Emanuel outlines the executive summary using three main sections: facts, conclusions, and recommendations, which then allows the readers to come up with a decision. He also included a cost/benefit summary which answer the question of what kind of effect will be had if the recommendations are followed. This outline tells the reader what the writer thinks is the best decision to make, then backs it up with facts. It provides the decision maker with the information they need without requiring them to actually look at the full document.

  5. Yulduz Saidinova

    TO: Dr. Jason W. Ellis

    FROM: Yulduz Saidinova

    DATE: November 25, 2015

    SUBJECT: “Executive Summaries”

    This article by Emanuel is about executive summary. Executive summary is a basically a proposal that summarizing a bigger document for a decision making purposes. One of the main points of the executive summary is to find the main points of the document and present. And from this important summary should provide enough information for reader to make a decision. There is a order that how executive summary has to be, the orders are following: “Topic and Impact, Recommendation, Methodology, Results and Conclusion”. Benefits of the Executive Summary is that it eliminates unnecessary information and it speeds up the reading part. In order to make decision we have to follow chronological order: facts, conclusions, recommendations and decisions. In order to make a better decisions the reader have to understand only the individual components. Also organizing informations is also important. It has steps such as problem definition, summary of factual information, conclusion, recommendations and cost benefit analysis. This article is very important for our project when it comes to make owner’s manual. Because we need to use specific information in order to give important point to a reader. We have to make sure we are using the specific information, anything unnecessary we do not need it.

  6. valentina

    TO: Dr. Jason Ellis

    FROM: Valentina Pineda

    DATE: November 25, 2015

    SUBJECT: “The Executive Summary: A Key to Effective Communication,” summary

    This article focuses on how to properly write an executive summary. this document is seen as the most important when presenting and making business decision. There is a flow of of information in how this summary should be written and the ability to do so is a skill every business person should acquire. The first things that should be stated is facts about the topic of interest to grab the reader’s attention. Then you would conclude your topic and follow by recommending the reader to see how important the topic discussed is and how it can impact their company. The ultimate goal is to persuade the reader to make a decision in your favor. The executive summary is very similar to writing a memo however it should be written more carefully and professionally as it should help you promote the topic of interest to the readers.

  7. simone216

    TO: Dr. Jason Ellis
    FROM: Anika Aarons
    SUBJECT: Executive Summaries
    DATE: November 25, 2015

    Emmanuel, “The Executive Summary: A Key to Effective Communications”, this article entails the concept and purpose of executive summaries. Executive summaries are short documents that summarizes a longer report or business proposal. Mainly used for business plans by mangers, and employees in hopes to make business decisions. An executive summary should not exceed more than one page, including no details straight to the point, and should be clear and concise for the readers to understand. The format of the executive summary, firstly starts with facts, then leading to conclusions, then recommendations, then lastly to decisions being made. The chronological order of the executive summary is very important mainly because each section depends on the following section. Executive summaries are a very important attribute, assisting a business plan. The use of executive summaries can greatly contribute to our project two, with my group in many ways. Allowing us to summarize our whole advertisement entirely without boring the buyers with irrelevant boring details but with rather only the important ones

  8. JesseCortes

    To: Dr. Jason Ellis
    From: Jesse Cortes
    Subject: Executive Summaries
    Date November 25, 2015

    An executive summary is different from a regular summary, it takes days to organize and write. An executive summary is usually used for a businesses, this type of summary will point out all the problems, recommended solutions for each problem, cost and profit from the business. It should be short and straight to the point but with information so the reader could make a decision. Emmanuel’s discussion about executive summary can help me clarify conduct a better research, but this summary is more beneficial for a big project or company like our research project with the vintage computers.

  9. Christopher Navarrete

    TO: Jason W. Ellis
    FROM: Christopher Navarrete
    DATE: November 25, 2015
    SUBJECT: Executive Summaries

    Joseph T. Emanuel gives a discussion of how important executive summaries are in his article. According to Burnett, executive summaries attempt to give the main points and conclusion of a document. This is important because It gives the audience enough information to form a decision regarding a certain product.

    In order for the reader to fully understand what is stated in an executive summary, it is recommended to organize information by a certain order: topic and impact, recommendation, methodology, results, and conclusion. Emanuel suggests that readers may form a decision more quickly if all the information is given in one page. Although having one page is ideal, it may be more depending on the complexity of the topic.

    An executive summary would be very useful for most of the documents in project two because as Emanuel states, they get to the point and help the audience form a decision on the product.

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