Reading Presentation Schedule

You can find the random assignment of reading presentations below. The first column is the number of the student from the class roll who is assigned that day’s reading presentation. This is followed by the day of the week, the date, and the readings from the syllabus. See your email for your number on the class role.

19 Th 9/10 See email. (p22-45, focus on guidelines, save examples for reference)
21 W 9/16 See email (p46-end, focus on guidelines and topics, save examples for reference)
10 M 9/21 “Focused Job Seeking,”
8 M 9/28 “Resumes, Applications, and Cover Letters,”
9 W 9/30 “Employment Interviewing,”
18 M 10/5 “Interviewing Like a Professional,”
6 W 10/7 “Occupational Outlook to 2020,” (read introduction on page 1-2, read section related to your major in Occupational Groups beginning on page 88, and read pages 99-108)
11 W 10/14 Markel, “Writing Collaboratively” chapter, Chapter-4-Writing-Collaboratively-Markel-Technical-Communication-10th-edition (this is important for you to read as we begin project two).
20 M 10/19 Eric Matson, “The Seven Sins of Deadly Meetings, “ of Minnesota, Office of Human Resources, “Meeting Minutes,”


2 W 10/21 Don Hofstrand, “Creating a Mission Statement, Setting Goals and Developing Strategies,”, Mindspring [read all, but focus on CV&B],

Coca-Cola Company, “Mission, Vision, Values,”

4 M 10/26 Louise Balle, “How to Do Product Research,”

Purdue OWL MLA (focus on in-text citations and works cited sections),



16 W 10/28 Stuart Leung, “Here Are the Soft Skills Most Important to Your Business,”

Joyce E. A. Russell, “Business Capital,”

13 M 11/2 Purdue OWL, Conducting Research,
17 W 11/4 Purdue OWL, Using Research,
14 M 11/9 Mark Easterby-Smith, Richard Thorpe, and Paul R. Jackson, “Introducing Management and Business Research,” from Management Research,
3 W 11/11 Ann Rockley, “The Impact of Single Sourcing and Technology,”
7 M 11/16 Megan L. Bruch, “Advertising 101,”


15 W 11/18 Amy D. Ladd, “Developing Effective Marketing Materials: Brochure Design Considerations,”

Google Docs > Template Gallery > Brochures,

5 M 11/23 Anderson, “Writing Reader-Centered Instructions” excerpt, instructions-bw.
1 W 11/25

Emanuel, “The Executive Summary: A Key to Effective Communication,” s8.

12 M 11/30 Rice-Bailey, “Remote Technical Communicators: Accessing Audiences and Working on Project Teams,” s3-3.
EC W 12/2 Jennings, “Creating Marketing Slides for Engineering Presentations,” s5-3.
EC M 12/7 Hutto, “Graphics and Invention in Engineering Writing,” s8-2.
EC W 12/9 Bryan, “Down the slippery slope: Ethics and the technical writer as marketer,” 10572259209359492.

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