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Project Two: Plan of Action Memo

During today’s class, you will have 30 minutes to work on this assignment.

While you are working on the assignment, I will assign where you will be sitting. After the assignment is completed, you may return to your normal seats.

At your new seat for the assignment, login to Google Drive, navigate to your shared folder, one team member should create a new document with the title “action memo,” and everyone else should join that document.

By typing on the page and/or using the chat option (in the upper right side of the tool bar in Google Docs, next to the icons of your team members editing the document), collaboratively write a memo detailing what you as a team need to revise and accomplish before the end of the project. You might want to look at your documents in other tabs and the feedback that you received during Wednesday’s class, too.

Your memo should have a name block addressed to Professor Ellis. It’s subject should be “Action Plan.”

You may write your memo’s contents as a bulleted or numbered list.

You have 30 minutes, so you will want to exhaust all possibilities and make your memo as detailed as possible and as useful to yourselves as possible.

On the memo, you can include information about who should be responsible for specific tasks.

Talking is not permitted.

Project Two: Document Testing Report

For this part of the project, you will be providing feedback to another team and memorializing your feedback in a memo signed by all members of your team.

Each team will exchange their printed documents (brochure and instruction manual) with another team. We will exchange documents in this manner: teams 1 and 2; and teams 3 and 4.

After receiving the documents, your team should create a new memo in your shared Google Drive folder. Create a header that includes to (the other team’s name), cc (Professor Ellis), from (your team name followed by all of your full names), today’s date, and subject (Document Testing Report).

In the body of your memo, you will record a 400 word minimum response evaluating the two documents.

Create sections with these titles: “Methodology,” “Brochure,” and “Owner’s Manual.”

In the “Methodology” section, write how your team intends to evaluate each of the documents. You will decide this during a brief conversation with the team you are exchanging documents with. Consider how they might be useful for the intended audience. Some dimensions of usefulness to consider include: readability, design, organization, information content, and suitability for the audience. What feedback will be most useful to your team? Communicate this to the other team and agree on a set of metrics in your methodology. Record this in your memo.

In the “Brochure and “Owner’s Manual” sections, discuss these three things based on your selected methodology metrics: 1) what works well in the document, 2) what does not work well in the document, and 3) suggestions for improving the document. These two sections should involve the bulk of your writing so that the reports are useful documents for the team whose documents you are evaluating.

Through discussion and cooperative writing, your team will export your document testing report as a PDF and email it to the team’s representative and Professor Ellis (jellis @ citytech cuny edu).