The first time I met Andrew Beck, he was my professor back in BMCC. His method of teaching was different, relatable. We would spend hours in class discussing ethics and how to hold creative people accountable. I’ve participated in a few of his zoom office hours and I really liked his way of thinking. After the semester was over, he offered me a freelance gig at his agency. It was epic. I had the chance to work with him once more until the end of the project. 

Before I met Andrew, I didn’t believe or care much for a mentor. But from distance, I studied his work and read his articles to help me better myself as a multidisciplinary designer. Something he always encouraged me to shoot for. The importance of a mentor is not only to have someone to give you advice or feedback on your work. Rather someone who can learn from and help you avoid mistakes they made while they were starting out just like you.

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