One of the major perks in working at Beck & Stone is the opportunity to work closely with great designers. I focused on product design, designing mobile apps, and websites. I use tools such as Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. But during my internship, I had to use tools like Indesign and Illustrator. Although I have a working knowledge of InDesign, it is not a tool I utilize on a daily basis before my internship. During this internship, I had the chance to enrich my Indesign skillset and learn new techniques and very useful tricks that will certainly boost my productivity. 

My duties at Beck and Stone during the internship are to create a twelve-month calendar depicting important sates in American History and finding accurate images that reflect such dates in history. I also have to incorporate quotes from historical figures in American History such as Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and much more. A typical day at Beck and Stone is working on imagery for specific months and working with client feedback t assimilate the new instructions. Occasionally there would be a client meeting where you will be asked to participate in other to share any concern you might have faced while performing your task. Overall it’s always great to work in the field you’re passionate about and with people who share the same passion.

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