While working on my calendar task, one of the requirements was to use the book cover for core documents book series. Prior to being assigned the task, another designer has created the book covers for some core documents books. Some book covers were missing in the brief folder but the images for the covers were in the folder. Now since I was not certain whether the other cover was made with a photoshop mockup or they were made from a custom 3D rendering.

I’ve reached out to the designer who created the book covers and he rectified that the covers were in fact from a PSD mockup and not a 3D rendering. He added that he was still working on the other book covers and they will all be available in a few days. But I suggested we collaborate together so we can speed up the process and I can then proceed with the calendar. We started working on the remaining book covers the same day and by the next day, we finished all the covers and I went back to working on the Calendar. Collaborating with him was a success and as a senior designer, he taught me some new tricks that will be very useful to me in the future. Something I would have not learned, haven’t we collaborated together.

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