Beck and Stone is the “chillest” place I’ve ever work at so far in my design career. I’m still a Junior Designer so hopefully, I get to explore even cooler workplaces. The company’s attire is informal with a high level of professionalism across all boards. Due to COVID-19, we are forced to work from home so the workspace and office culture didn’t really apply for this internship period.

There’s one team meeting every Monday at 10 am to discuss updates from last week’s developments and elaborate on a few tasks for the upcoming week. Everyone gets a chance to talk about what they have been up to during the past week and what they will be focusing on for the rest of the week. It allows everyone to know what each team member Is up to and if they have any information or resources that might make their tasks a little easier. For the rest of the week, everyone communicates on Slack and occasionally Zoom meetings with clients. But every once in awhile the Random channel in the agency Slack can get pretty hilarious but mostly cute with baby pictures.

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