At Beck and Stone, you will all types of creative people. Marketing ninjas, coding wizards, and design visionaries. Where do I fit in? I’m glad you asked, I work closely with the design visionaries and often tinker with new ideas with the coding wizards. So am I a design visionary or coding wizard? I’ll let you be the judge of that. But for now, my title is simply a Designer.

My supervisor is Andrew Beck, he is the creative director and oversees all design aspects of the agency. I did not have a formal interview with the agency in order to get the internship. I simply emailed my supervisor Andrew Beck and asked if there was an intern position available during this summer. Luckily there was a position available and I started right away. I do have to mention that I have worked with Beck and Stone previously as a front end development freelancer. I’d like to think that my past experience with the agency made it easy for me to acquire this internship and not go through the interview process. Another reason why it is very important to keep good relationships with old clients and everyone within the industry.

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