As a creative, you will yourself questioning a lot of your decisions. From whether the color blue was the best direction to whether you should be thinking about an alternative career path. We are often judged by the final product of our work, not the process. One thing I’ve come to realize as a designer is that nobody cares about how much time you spend on a project—unless you’re billing them by the hour. Sure, as a UX/UI Designer you often have to explain your process in case studies but that only concerns your fellow creatives, not clients. During my internship, I’ve spent more than an hour trying to find the perfect picture that would work best with the other components of the pages. I’ve spent less than finding even better fitting images. Only I can evaluate myself based on those criteria and find ways to improve upon them.

While working in the Calendar project, which is a print project. Something I don’t usually work on daily. I found out that attention to layout is very important, there’s just one size and things don’t shrink or grow bigger as one would find on a website. So I catch myself a few times trying to account for scalability and I would chuckle a bit. My skills are in a place where I can accomplish a print task correctly but not on a level where I won’t need input regarding typography and layout. The correct leading in print typography is very crucial as is the tracking. Those are a few things I will keep working on to improve.

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