Many agencies rely on digital assets such as photos, videos, typefaces, and much more to fully function. And, Beck and Stone is not the exception. During my internship, I had to really on images to design a calendar. My task was to design a year calendar for print. The calendar brief indicated the use of images of historical periods and historical figures. With the brief came a list of copyright-free resources such as Wikimedia Commons, and the New York Public Library where historical images can be found and used without any infringement. And in the event where a particular image cannot be found by using the provided resources, I can utilize the Google search engine but always turn the “Label for reuse” search filter on. This feature allows me to only view the results of assets that can be reused without any copyright or trademark issue. And if all fails and the right asset has copyright, then I have to write down the link and provenance so it can be properly cited and proper credit can be given. 

The task I’ve been assigned did not require signing a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement. Rather a professional courtesy was extended in my regard concerning how ongoing work is shared with friends and people not part of the agency. Sharing the results of my task strictly for educational purposed is allowed and does not interfere with client directives. 

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