This summer, I’ve decided to complete the internship I needed to complete my Bachelor’s Degree at City Tech. As a requirement for the class, I have to complete 120 hours at an internship site. But given the new situation that we are living through, the internship will have to be completed remotely. I’ve decided to complete my internship hours with Beck and Stone because it’s a great agency and they have amazing people and a fabulous team.

Beck and Stone is a brand management consultant operating in New York City, majoring in creative services for the connected world. It’s a private agency founded by Andrew Beck and Austin Stone. It’s a small agency with a team of 10 to15 staff members. Some of the largest Beck and Stone clients are The New Criterion, Liberty University, AARP, and many more. The agency was founded nearly a decade ago Andrew and Austin decided to team up and use their skills to build new brands and help existing ones build their true identity. I’ve been working directly with Andrew Beck as a designer helping bring to life creative initiatives through design.

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