Ethics|Ethical Reasoning: Part 2

I have previously used photos and clip art that were someone else’s work. I gave credit by placing a link to where I got them from or placing the author or creator’s name when using them as part of my projects. When it was time to present my projects, I would say where I got the work from and the artist if I found their name. I started to create everything that I needed for my projects. I would use Adobe Illustrator to create clip art if I needed it. I would take my photographs and edit them in Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop before using them in my designs.

The case reminds artists and designers to attach the proper copyright if they use someone else’s work. Now that we’re mostly creating art on electronics to create mostly digital designs and art, we need to remember to give proper credit where it’s due. Though there are copyright laws that allow us to use pictures, photographs, and other works that belong to someone else, we have to credit them the same way that they’re credited in books.

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