Student Name:
Name of Article.

MLA Citation:   

Go to this website for more information:

Example: Author’s Name. “Article Name.” Publication Name or Book. Date Published. page numbers. website link:

Fake article by Prof. Edelson:  Darwin, Prince.  “A Dog’s Life.”  Dog Magazine.  March 6, 2021.

QUOTE: “Your favorite thing the article says goes here.”


Write one sentence that states the Main Idea of the article

Write 1-3 paragraphs with the supporting ideas and points made in the article.


WHO is the person who wrote the article?  Background? Education?  How can I be sure I can trust them?

Have I fact checked the article?  How did I do that?

Who is the audience for the article?

What is the tone or style? Playful? Serious? Informative? Scholarly? Why is it written in this way? 


What are my thoughts?  

Did the article cover the important points?  

Did the article represent the information fairly?