About me

I am the type of person to go 100% on everything. What makes me happy is when I could have a team around me that works hard and strives for the same goal as me. When it comes to teams I am the most competitive. I had been on 3 football teams and played many of them when I was younger however, my competitive nature was still with me as I grew up. My future goals are to bring up the people around me and motivate other who are not as fortunate as me. I want to be a role model for the younger generation coming up and to have some sort of influence on them. The way I plan to do this is through my work. Everyone I’ve worked for I try my best to be professional and just be an overall good person. I just want to carry this over into everything I want to achieve. My goal is to finish college and get my communication design management degree so I could pursue my career as an advertising firm owner.


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