Juxtaposition: noun

Definition:  the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also  :  the state of being so placed.

Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/juxtaposition

I found this word from my project#2 overlapping New York direction handout. This word is very important in my project#2 because I Need to use this word to describe the location.

Now, I understand this word: In the same place with different angle to observe, it will have different feel  this is called juxtaposition.



Converge: Verb

Definition: To move toward one point and join together : to come together and meet.

Source form http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/converge

I think I can encountered this word when I want to meet my friend at some where. I also knew this word from my science class. For example, ‚ÄúEverything that rises must converge.‚ÄĚ by ‚ÄstFlannery O‚ÄôConnor

Now I am understand this word from the passage, Even from age of Renaissance people can even express them self with art and illustration, they can see the meeting point of our view to the vanishing point of the deeper meaning of the art. Its a comparison of the distance and how much we understand.

Field Trip Reflection :BRIC


Last Wednesday I went on a trip with our class. We went to visit the Bric Media House; the museum was not that far away from our school. Even though the journey was more far away than I imagined, but the good thing was that the weather is very good. When I entered the museum. My first impression was the museum very large, and full of art.¬†One of the most attractive art pieces to me was the little wooden box, because I’ve never heard the sound and I never saw it before. When I walked into the small space, I was very scared, because I entered a dark space, and the door was closed, it feels very strange. But when I close my eyes, I listened to the music with my heart; I almost thought I was in an other dimension. There was a forest, many birds were singing in the land of a huge waterfall in the surrounding. And I in the dark cases painted this scene, although can’t draw very well, but that piece of beauty will always in my mind. At the end I really like this place, I hope could go back one day, maybe one day My creation can be out here as well.




Summary:City Limits By Colson Whitehead

City Limits by Colson whitehead from the Colossus of New York. The text focus on people who live in New York. The author used neutral tone on text who went to express with various ideas for different people has different view about New York. The author want to support her idea by using many example.She is telling us not to use other people ‘s opinion to replace what do you think of New York. The reason is that each person’s experience thing and time are different in New York. The author write that “we can never make proper goodbyes” It mean New York with you forever, accompany you at any time! As long as you remember it, it has alway been there.

Project #2 Describe My location

So today I will be describing this location Janes carousel. Also give you a little history about the park. In the beginning the carousel was created in Idora Park (theme park) in Youngstown in 1922, Ohio. But a fire broke in the park. Jane bought the carousel from Idora Park in a auction with $3085 on October 21, 1984. Then Jane did not like the color of horse so she spent a lot of money on the painting and use the best material carefully to design the color of the horse. Jane also had a fine art degree. That makes me think the carousel is very precious. What’s even more exciting is that if you want to ride it only cost 2 dollar.

Jane‚Äôs carousel is my favorite places in Brooklyn. I like the casing outside the glass door. That can make me feel gorgeousness of the carousel. When I was riding the carousel accompanied by beautiful music, it seems like I was a kid again, even though I am a adult. Maybe its because of the lacerated river, I feel like a river, effortlessly to flow freely. There was very popular with couples and children. I think Its because the carousel give others the feeling of a fairy tale dream and it’s very romantic. It is the dream of everyone.

Project# 2 Choose A Location

Brooklyn is an advancing area place of New York. I want to discuss a place of Brooklyn. Empire Fulton Ferry State Park. There is Jane’s carousel. Its under the Brooklyn bridge park, It also attract many people’s attention. It gives us a mysterious feeling when we are on the carousel. This is how you get there. From New York City College of Technology to Empire Fulton Ferry State Park It will approximately use 17 minus to arrive there. First, we go down the Jay Street, and then when we get under the Manhattan Bridge, we turn left get to Sands street and when you pass Sands street, you turn right go down Pearl street. You will walk down straight to Front Street. Then stop turn left then go straight down you will see a Starbucks on the way there, up to this point your almost there. Stop when you see a sign that has Dock Street and walk down Dock Street and turn left again to water street, one last time turn left. There you go, Empire Fulton ferry. Finally, if you feel hungry when you arrive there. You can find some nearby restaurant such as Grimaldi’s pizza Juliana’s Pizza etc. Or if your phone is power off, do not worry because there are public charger station in the park.

Project #2 Research

Variety line network

Variety line network

Monotony line network

Field Trip Reflection

Throughout our trip on September 22 I have been to the Center for Book Arts. I knew about the history of printing. Printing steps was very complicated once. But now, as technology advanced, the print has become the people’s general office supplies, because the printing operation is very simple nowadays. It makes me feel very lucky because I lived in an age of science and technologies are developed. Then I went to¬†Rubin Museum.¬†It is about Indian¬†culture and art. To be honest Even through I do not quilt understand the artwork, but I like artwork there because it helped me feel the breath of ancient. Overall this is an interesting day!!!

Project #1: Reflections

My first project on ENG1101 is an introduction of myself. This is a detailed introduction, is not just some simple thing about me. I usually introduce my self to other people just simply by telling them my name and my age. Even so the project gave me an unforgettable experience. This is my first time of me trying to writing it down to describe my self and use the way of writing to know about my classmates. During project one, I was very confused to choose my avatar. Because the avatar is the first impression my classmates will look at me as. But it does not mater if somebody does not understand my avatar because I will explain my avatar in the fallowing essay. I rarely use the computer so the computer operation is a bit difficult for me. Luckily I have a friend that knows how to use computer, and he is willing to teach me. Overall this is a good experience, I learned quilt a lot knowledge during project#1, learned how to better introduce myself, vocabulary, and learned some computer operating skills. Next, I hope I will have greater progress in writing, vocabulary and computer operating skills.