Project#5: Gallery Catalogue Entry

Art can make others life more colorful, art has always been with us. “Summer” is the name of this work, a Humument created by Dongmin Lin. The artwork was inspired by Tom Philips’s original artistic rendering of text, A Humument. Background work is an article in a part of the short story “The Necklace”. Then the First, Lin chose favorite short story from her high school “The Necklace” and then circle in the article with some words to form a new sentences. And in accordance with the new meaning of the sentence, with the corresponding color and graphics. Finally, the formation of the words became an artwork.

Lin’s new sentences are that “you thought every eye looks great. She let herself know summer was nothing distress. Flowers are quite.” Theme of this work is in the summer, She painted a red circle and not sequentially arranged in the work. The summer is hot, red represent warm colors, representing the mood of hot; the two colors show the attraction to the viewers. The colors of the sky are blue and yellow, which is to express the views of the time as a humid temperature. Red flowers falling in the soil that are orange and brown. Withered tree standing in the middle of the ground, all this scene is an artist trying to give you a calm feeling. Words with a blue circle and linked with the line; this looks like a winding road leading to the distance.

The placing of this image shows loneliness and quite. This is a small work after all, the tree in the middle of the paper, and this is a withered and lonely tree. The tone and the placing of the paper show a hot and dry situation, the outer space of the tree are nothing but air and the carved lines and it is a withered and lonely tree. Cinnamon colored tree gives hope and the feel of companionship.

Lin fond out the nature and desert are full of curiosity, though she never been to the desert, but her mind is filled with passion and imagination of desert. This work is Lin’s imagination of desert and a painted works from her imagination. Lin feels like the everyday on the desert are summer alike. There is almost no life in the desert. In that way, she imagined summer as empty and quite. Yellow sand, brown soil, the plant life can give hope that more lives can survive in the desert.

However, at the loneliest time the lonely tree has some friends too, the red flowers. Of all the emptiness of the wild desert the red flowers are the dead trees only friends. That is enough for the tree to feel satisfy.

Desert gives the viewer the feeling of summer, it is very hot, and because there is very little to calm the existence of life. Red could not appear in the desert, red flowers appears in the works in order to show hope. Desert can be shown as the troublesome and difficulties in our life. However Lin’s intention is that we should not give up, to believe that the plight of the red we would see, there would be hope.

Art can give our soul or spiritual comfort it needs art can be everywhere. Art can make the impossible seems possible. This is her art; this is how Lin uses her art to bring you the kind of spirit. Just like in the desert, like in times of hardship, appear to believe that there will be red it would appear. In your most desperate time you will see.

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