Reflection of Project 5 And Gallery Note

Gallery Note: The name of this work is called the summer, it is artist Dongmin lin’s works. In the December 21, 2014. The completion of this work tool is an article, and circles the word from the article, the final composition of the new sentence. The work of the newly formed sentence is “you thought every eye looks great. She let herself know summer was nothing distress. Flowers are quite.”



This is my first attempt to describe my art works very detailed. I spent two and a half hours to complete my project5. I spent a long time thinking about how to make the reader see my writing like seeing the same the vivid artwork. I hope my writing and my artwork can be as attractive as it requires a lot of beautiful words to describe my work. Writing and artwork are inseparable, when a work of art is created, perhaps someone can understand its beauty really means. Writing can analyze the meaning of the work, with the details. Writing to let more valuable works of art. I want to be a designer, it is necessary to improve my writing skills, so that people can learn more about my work, and more are attracted to my work. In project5 of. I am in the third person way to introduce the production process works, details representation works, and meaning.

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