graphic Design Principles 1 Adv1101

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.36.16 PMProject 4/2014 Fall semesterDLinMashup-no-animationProject 2/2014 semesterIMG_1592Project4/2014 semester

This semester, I learned a lot of knowledge from advertising design. project4 is my first study of color, works six expressed six different colors. Before my computer skills are very bad, but after this class, I think I improved a lot, and learned how to use Photoshop and adobe e Illustrator.

I used Photoshop to complete Project 2, which I imagined by listening to music graphics. This is one I’ve never tried it, I’m painting the music, and I think this is a very wonderful thing. ADV 1100 let me got to know a lot of knowledge about design, it was a very interesting lesson, and it also let me have more for design.

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