Summary for A Picture of Language: The Fading Art of Diagramming Sentences

A Picture of Language:The Fading Art of Diagramming Sentences by Juana Summers on August 22, 2014 7:18 AM ET. Beginning of the article introduces diagramming sentences to us. And this is a way to learn English grammar. This method of learning in education were all the rage, but in 1960s this approach has been criticized to learning. In 1985, the teacher of English put: This way to learn English grammar, were controversial.

Summary / Reflection for Reading Lucy:


Jennifer Egan wrote an article called “Reading Lucy”. This is a non-fiction article. The protagonist of this article is Lucy. Egan wrote a novel about a woman who works at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, so she met with Lucy. Therefore Lucy was her respondent, but the get along was short, because of work needs she has to go to California. After that there haven’t had any contact after. Egan attentive to know about Lucy, that from Lucy to her husband’s letter and Lucy’s composition. Lucy was enthusiastic that’s why she married speedy. Her husband left the house due to job job, they wrote letters to each other. Lucy usually wrote letter to her husband Alfred. By the time Lucy wrote to Alfred about her life as a ship fitter, as well as some humor event in her live. She praises her husband to express the love to her husband. Through reading about the letters Lucy wrote to Egan, Egan felt like she’s living with Lucy; they are best friend; Brooklyn’s every corner was full of the flavor of Lucy. Egan misses Lucy a lot, she dreamed him live with Lucy and she also imaged live with Lucy as real best friend.


After read “Reading Lucy” I felt Lucy was an optimistic woman. She really loves her husband with everything. I have always felt that distance that will affect ones feeling, but I do not feel it because I am the one who read the article, I have to be in her situation to know about her feelings. Even though Lucy did not live with her husband but they still keep connect with letter, and distance did not affect their relationships. By the way Lucy got a true friendship with Egan. Egan took time to get to know about Lucy. She care about Lucy, even dream lived with Lucy. So Lucy was an lucky woman she got true love and friendship.


The summary of “What If You Could Choose Between The Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?”

The article “What If You Could Choose Between The Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?” is issued on July 17, 2017 from the Atlantic Citylab. The text is basically focused on which route is the better route for the user. The main purpose is to find more interesting route to go to. It will just take a little more time and also can make people feel more satisfy and quiet. Researcher from Barcelona and University of Torino form a group of researcher to do the research. The research took place at London. First research given two place and ask people which one do you find more beautiful? Then the researcher received input from more than 3,000 people over the four month at the beginning of September 2012. They also enlisted some people familiar with London to be the judge. They made shortest, beauty, quiet, and happy path map. The experiment shows the beautiful and quiet, happy route only takes seven minutes more then the fastest route. There are some people that don’t get charmed by that, but researcher has their ways of idea. Researcher wants to let people notice the well being of their city, and explore their city. Ultimately the experiment has proved that if people choose more seven minuets then can find the beauty, quite and happy of city.

Summary for The Boston photographs

Ephron, Nora in October 1975, wrote “The Boston photographs”. This article was talking about whether the photo of the dead can be published in the newspaper or it shouldn’t. Stanley Forman took a picture for a fire escape. He took three pictures of the dead woman. These photos were published by many newspapers stations. It caused a very big scene. The reasons were many readers had a bad response about this. They thought it is violated the privacy of the dead: people reject death. People refuse to publish copse in many places (the writer in the article illustrates may examples). The writer illustrates the views of many opponents. Then he wrote one to illustrates his own view. The writer thought death happens to be one of life’s main event, so all people should to face up it. In the other hand article and picture of a news than more controversy, this suggests that the picture is worth than the article. Obviously, the writer support the photos that were published.

Summary:City Limits By Colson Whitehead

City Limits by Colson whitehead from the Colossus of New York. The text focus on people who live in New York. The author used neutral tone on text who went to express with various ideas for different people has different view about New York. The author want to support her idea by using many example.She is telling us not to use other people ‘s opinion to replace what do you think of New York. The reason is that each person’s experience thing and time are different in New York. The author write that “we can never make proper goodbyes” It mean New York with you forever, accompany you at any time! As long as you remember it, it has alway been there.