Project# 2 Choose A Location

Brooklyn is an advancing area place of New York. I want to discuss a place of Brooklyn. Empire Fulton Ferry State Park. There is Jane’s carousel. Its under the Brooklyn bridge park, It also attract many people’s attention. It gives us a mysterious feeling when we are on the carousel. This is how you get there. From New York City College of Technology to Empire Fulton Ferry State Park It will approximately use 17 minus to arrive there. First, we go down the Jay Street, and then when we get under the Manhattan Bridge, we turn left get to Sands street and when you pass Sands street, you turn right go down Pearl street. You will walk down straight to Front Street. Then stop turn left then go straight down you will see a Starbucks on the way there, up to this point your almost there. Stop when you see a sign that has Dock Street and walk down Dock Street and turn left again to water street, one last time turn left. There you go, Empire Fulton ferry. Finally, if you feel hungry when you arrive there. You can find some nearby restaurant such as Grimaldi’s pizza Juliana’s Pizza etc. Or if your phone is power off, do not worry because there are public charger station in the park.

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