Project #2 Describe My location

So today I will be describing this location Janes carousel. Also give you a little history about the park. In the beginning the carousel was created in Idora Park (theme park) in Youngstown in 1922, Ohio. But a fire broke in the park. Jane bought the carousel from Idora Park in a auction with $3085 on October 21, 1984. Then Jane did not like the color of horse so she spent a lot of money on the painting and use the best material carefully to design the color of the horse. Jane also had a fine art degree. That makes me think the carousel is very precious. What’s even more exciting is that if you want to ride it only cost 2 dollar.

Jane’s carousel is my favorite places in Brooklyn. I like the casing outside the glass door. That can make me feel gorgeousness of the carousel. When I was riding the carousel accompanied by beautiful music, it seems like I was a kid again, even though I am a adult. Maybe its because of the lacerated river, I feel like a river, effortlessly to flow freely. There was very popular with couples and children. I think Its because the carousel give others the feeling of a fairy tale dream and it’s very romantic. It is the dream of everyone.

Project #2 Research

Variety line network

Variety line network

Monotony line network