Summary for A Picture of Language: The Fading Art of Diagramming Sentences

A Picture of Language:The Fading Art of Diagramming Sentences by Juana Summers on August 22, 2014 7:18 AM ET. Beginning of the article introduces diagramming sentences to us. And this is a way to learn English grammar. This method of learning in education were all the rage, but in 1960s this approach has been criticized to learning. In 1985, the teacher of English put: This way to learn English grammar, were controversial.

The pitch

Beauty and nature history can give a good mood, attracts you, easily left a deep memory in your mind. New York City is a very beautiful place, its beauty just need you to spend 10 minutes away to be found. This is a city where you live; you should know its beauty. But often you miss the beauty of it, because you lead a busy and tired every time, you select a destination to choose the shortest distance. The shortest route might be the fast way for you to get to your destination, but are you really happy about it In such a route where you will be bored and preoccupied with quickly reach your destination. But if you choose to walk a beautiful, make you have a good mood. And you might think that time is money, but money cannot buy a good mood. The good mood into work or study will make you more effective. For example, the detour from City Tech to Jane’s carousel, you will find that it is a pleasant journey.

The first stop is the penetration of Brooklyn War Memorial Park. There full of trees and flowers, the smell of fragrant flowers and trees, as if to let you get into the feel of nature. Most appeals to you in front of a flat rectangular green grass, where the most beautiful moment in the afternoon. The sun shines on this piece of sowing light green grass, a group of children playing on the lawn, and even some excitement in that baby learning to walk, even if the fall is not afraid, because of the warm grass to protect him. When you walk from the on-chip lawn, the sun shines on you and meadows. You also feel the warmth, as if this city and you embrace. With the child’s laughter and joy jumping efforts run the city will let you feel the power of laughter.

Next you will go through Old Fulton St/Elizabeth Pl place, this time the focus is on the ground of the road. This is not a flat road, the road is uneven gray stone mosaic pieces together, and rock and crevice of the rock is clearly visible. It looks very old. On this road there is a section of track, you would think this is a historical mark, which seems to take you into the history of the track, giving you endless reverie space. Here was now imagine what it is like; then to train what looked like; what is only a small part. When you carefully observe the tracks, you will find this track a line, which has several small pink footprints, although it looks very simple. But the details of the painting very well. Shoeprint was in front of very obvious, but gradually disappeared. You should Evening is the best time to go there, the golden sun shines on this road, just come from the front, this is so fantastic. On this old road, which makes you think this city is telling you that he had, but also arouse you to think about your ever.

The last point will bring you happiness; focus is that this is a gift shop door. This is not an ordinary gift shop gift shop because the furnishings have been carefully arranged. Through the transparent glass door and saw inside is colorful, a little shop hung a red light. Red gives you a feeling of warmth and happiness. And hung with colorful handmade paper-cut, full of gift shop stood. Vision through this glass door makes you feel every day seemed too festive. Festival is always giving the feeling of joy, so the store gives you a feeling of happiness.

New York is a city with non-stop action, because everyone is in a hurry to go to work or school come. Therefore we missed the beauty of the city, every little corner of the city are hidden beauty, just use a little time. The unknown workers whom we don’t know are working everyday to make a little declaration for this city. You will be able to enjoy it. I too understand the struggle we all have, you have work I have school. However a little time of yours on your way home can change the whole mood, therefore just use it wisely.

In conclusion some might say the shortest route is the best resolution to the destination. We can always spend a little extra time to enjoy the great vista of the city of Brooklyn. life is too short for us just come and goes, so why don’t we all enjoy it better?

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Project 4:Direction

Many people have different idea for the route to the destination. Most people work follow the direct route (sourest route to destination). But I want to tell people that different route will give a different mood. If you choose a wonderful route, will add to your journey many colors. Usual, the direct route is boring, and only come to the vehicle and trees to accompany you. But a special route will bring you surprises, where there are many small details are waiting for you to discover. This is the life, constantly looking for surprises and things beautifully. You just spent about10 minutes walk more than the time of direct route, you will offer beauty, nature and happiness feel.

For example, from City Tech to Jane’s Carousel is actually a wonderful way journey, if you use special gourd routes. You will encounter there are a few shops are decorated with a pattern on a love theme to the window. Even in winter, walking will feel the heart is hot and the mood is pleasant. This lets you involves happiness. There are special ground what looks very old, and walked up the road is not flat; there are traces of the track above the road, this time to let you curious about what was once here. This lets you involves history.

But if you choose used usual direct rout who are in this process, you can take a look at some of the buildings can be seen every day, and many of the vehicles along with the destination you go, this process does not make you happy, and do not find interesting places, there is no appeal to you. This 17 minutes long and will make you feel bored. You only need to use 10 minutes you can have a happy journey.


Summary / Reflection for Reading Lucy:


Jennifer Egan wrote an article called “Reading Lucy”. This is a non-fiction article. The protagonist of this article is Lucy. Egan wrote a novel about a woman who works at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, so she met with Lucy. Therefore Lucy was her respondent, but the get along was short, because of work needs she has to go to California. After that there haven’t had any contact after. Egan attentive to know about Lucy, that from Lucy to her husband’s letter and Lucy’s composition. Lucy was enthusiastic that’s why she married speedy. Her husband left the house due to job job, they wrote letters to each other. Lucy usually wrote letter to her husband Alfred. By the time Lucy wrote to Alfred about her life as a ship fitter, as well as some humor event in her live. She praises her husband to express the love to her husband. Through reading about the letters Lucy wrote to Egan, Egan felt like she’s living with Lucy; they are best friend; Brooklyn’s every corner was full of the flavor of Lucy. Egan misses Lucy a lot, she dreamed him live with Lucy and she also imaged live with Lucy as real best friend.


After read “Reading Lucy” I felt Lucy was an optimistic woman. She really loves her husband with everything. I have always felt that distance that will affect ones feeling, but I do not feel it because I am the one who read the article, I have to be in her situation to know about her feelings. Even though Lucy did not live with her husband but they still keep connect with letter, and distance did not affect their relationships. By the way Lucy got a true friendship with Egan. Egan took time to get to know about Lucy. She care about Lucy, even dream lived with Lucy. So Lucy was an lucky woman she got true love and friendship.


Value Scale Research

IMG_1448Photo on 11-4-14 at 9.08 PM

First I used 4H 2H H HB B 2B 4B 68 pencils to create a value scale. It took me approximately 20 minutes. Then I used white and black gouache to create a value scale on my Bristol. I created it with 19 frames and each frame with 2-inch width and 1inch high. This takes longer than using pencil to do scale of the time, because using gouache we have to mix up the different colors on our own we can’t not just get a color just by squishing it out and draw it.(I most spend 2 hours to create the value scale with gouache)