Project 4:Direction

Many people have different idea for the route to the destination. Most people work follow the direct route (sourest route to destination). But I want to tell people that different route will give a different mood. If you choose a wonderful route, will add to your journey many colors. Usual, the direct route is boring, and only come to the vehicle and trees to accompany you. But a special route will bring you surprises, where there are many small details are waiting for you to discover. This is the life, constantly looking for surprises and things beautifully. You just spent about10 minutes walk more than the time of direct route, you will offer beauty, nature and happiness feel.

For example, from City Tech to Jane’s Carousel is actually a wonderful way journey, if you use special gourd routes. You will encounter there are a few shops are decorated with a pattern on a love theme to the window. Even in winter, walking will feel the heart is hot and the mood is pleasant. This lets you involves happiness. There are special ground what looks very old, and walked up the road is not flat; there are traces of the track above the road, this time to let you curious about what was once here. This lets you involves history.

But if you choose used usual direct rout who are in this process, you can take a look at some of the buildings can be seen every day, and many of the vehicles along with the destination you go, this process does not make you happy, and do not find interesting places, there is no appeal to you. This 17 minutes long and will make you feel bored. You only need to use 10 minutes you can have a happy journey.


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