Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights  trip the first thing we tried was the Buñuelos which was a Colombian  cheese bread. i had this many times before since i live a few blocks away from a Colombian bakery. The Buñuelos    has a  golden brown hard exterior with a fluffy yet somewhat spongy interior with  a little cheese in it.  This kind of bread would be my second favorite thing beside Empanadas.


One thought on “Jackson Heights

  1. Ana De Sa Martins

    I had been told multiple times that Jackson Heights is one of the best food destinations for foodies in New York City and after visiting the neighborhood I could not agree more. The culinary diversity of the neighborhood is vast and it is amazing how you can literally find food from every continent in just one block. However, Jackson Heights can be a little intimidating and difficult to explore because chances are that you would find places where the menu is all written in a foreign language, the waiters/waitresses speak little English and you would be the only nonnative in it. So.. my recommendation is that you do a little research of the places you want to go and what to order in each place before visiting Jackson Heights to make sure you get the best out of your visit. If you like cooking at home using unfamiliar ingredients, I recommend going to the Patel Brothers Market where you can find unique Indian spices, ingredients and other packaged foods (The rice section is a must with a very interesting variety of rice).

    In conclusion, if you are looking for authenticity, good price, delicious food and the ultimate food experience Jackson Heights is the place to go.


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