Flour Bakery’s Famous Sticky buns

I know that for this section we are supposed to post interesting foods that we have never tried before, so writing a post about some sticky buns that I tried in Boston last weekend makes no sense here. But it felt right to write about them because they were the best sticky buns that I have tried so far and they were worth the 25 min I walked to the bakery looking at my phone trying not to get lost. The fact that I walked so far just to try these famous Sticky buns also allows me to say that I did some culinary tourism on my last visit to Boston, and that is what all this class is about.

20160522_105746-1So what makes these sticky buns so special? Definitely their taste. The buns are soft, buttery and so easy to pull apart, but the  gooey topping is what makes them extra delicious. I believe they add some kind of liquor to the caramel topping that adds a nice quick to it. I bought one bun to share with my friend, but then I decided to go back and do the line again to bring one home for next morning’s breakfast, because that’s how good they are.



Last year, Uni was very popular and many chefs in New York City had it in their menu. I even remember seeing Uni used as a panini filling and as a pizza and taco topping. I did not have the opportunity to try Sea Urchin until recently when I went to eat sushi (not a good one) with my friends and I have to say that my first experience with Uni was not good. I was told that Uni taste like a “fresh ocean breeze” but what I tried had a very pungent fishy taste. I am sure that I did not went to the right place to try Uni and that the one I had was not fresh. Therefore, I am planning to give Uni a second chance, because there must be a reason why everybody loves it and went crazy about it last year.. right?!


Duck Beijing street crepes

This is how savory crepes should be full of flavor, good amount of filling and satisfying. i  was around Chelsea market area and there were food vendors down the street,  i was trying free examples at about every vendor until is saw this place which sold Beijing street crepes, at first i was curious what they were making  until the owner gave me his pitch which convinced me to order. i ordered the duck crepe which came with hosin sauce, chilli sauce, scallion ,duck, and egg topped black and regular sesame seeds. It had full of flavors and textures , spicy crunchy, sweet, tender, over all delicious



BiBim rice bowl at Korea town

Rice bowls in general comes with tons of sides and topping  and great food. I went to Korea town the other day with friends and ate a t a Korean food court with many different vendors. I ate at a Korean BBQ spot where they had different platters of Korean BBQ. I chose a rice bowl with spicy pork, it was delicious. The rice bowl came with bean sprouts, carrots, the spicy pork, lettuces, and a fried egg topped with scallion. the sides that came with it was two different kimchi  one was cucumbers and the other was jalapeno. The last side was a spicy broth with bean sprouts and scallions



Summer Roll

I was able to enjoy for the first time a summer roll; I went to MadEats located at 24th and Broadway. I decide that I should go bold and try a unique roll, so I tried the beet, lentil and goat cheese summer roll; this is a typical Vietnamese street food. I have to say that visually the roll looked beautiful you were able to see the vibrant red and white from the beets and goat cheese through the wrapper. The earthy flavor of beets that has a appealing copper taste and the tangy creamy taste of the goat cheese and the nice grainy taste of the lentil. I felt that the combination of all three components created a great flavor combination of tangy, sweet and fresh. I though that the summer roll was refreshing, light and great on the go food. I really enjoyed it and would definitely try it again in the future probably a different flavor.


Grilled Squid

This weekend I also tasted grill squid in Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, something that I have never tasted before. I’m not normally a seafood and fish person, I don’t really enjoy the taste. However I felt that I should broaden my pallet and food knowledge so I decided to give the grill squid a try. The squid had a smoky flavor to it that I found enjoyable, its texture was slightly chewy and elastic. When I eat it the accompanied green sauce I found it to be more enjoyable. The sauce was a green tomato with jalapeno and cilantro which gave the squid more flavor and a refreshing spicy kick to it that I felt that it needed. I personally didn’t like it because I felt that the texture was chewy and the squid was flavorless without the sauce.

photo-2 copy

Deep-fried Courgette Flower

This weekend I visited Smorgasburg in Brooklyn NY and tasted this incredible dish of deep fried courgette flower that was stuffed with Ricotta and herbs. I have never heard or seen anything like this before, I’ve had heard of eating flowers but it was never something that appealed to me. There was a difference in texture from the outside to the inside, in the outside it was crispy and salty from the breading while in the inside it was soft and slightly mushy. You were able to taste the tangy creamy and silky flavor of the ricotta while also tasting the earthy and piney taste of the herbs. The texture of the flower was slightly mushy and chewy, I honestly felt that the flower didn’t have no distinguish taste. I didn’t really like that taste of the dish, not only was the texture difference something that didn’t appeal to me but the flavor combination didn’t work for me. I also felt that the dish was salty form both the ricotta herb combination and the crispy breading from the outside.

photo-2 copy 2


Everyone knows ramen, however mostly usually knows it by the plastic bag artificial ramen. In our group visit to Ippudo NY we had authentic Japanese ramen that was simply delicious. For my visit to Ippudo I decide to have the Shiromaru Hakaata Classic, which consist of soup noodles, pork loin, seasoned kikurage mushrooms, menma, red pickled ginger and scallions. The flavors and quality of the ingredients were phenomenal you could really taste each component and the silk richness of the noodles. The rich and creamy taste of the broth with the house made noodles was the perfect combination. Yu are able to taste the tender juicy flavor of the pork throughout with the nice freshness of ginger was a great overall dish to experience. I really enjoyed the ramen, the freshness and richness of the flavor combination was absolutely amazing, I would continue going to Ippudo NY until I have experienced and tasted every ramen available.photo-2

Pork Buns

This was the first time that I have ever eaten Pork buns was for the culinary tour group project at the Japanese restaurant at Ippudo NY, I really didn’t know what to expect since I have never had it before. The severing came of two pork buns but I wish that the serving were bigger. The pork buns consist of the bun, lettuce and seasoned pork. I was really surprise by the texture of the bun; it is was an airy soft bun that almost had the texture of uncooked dough without being chewy or elastic. The bun was this soft pillow that was the perfect complement to the pork and lettuce and like nothing that I have ever had before. The BBQ pork was juicy and rich and the sweet and tangy sauce was the perfect compliment to the buns. The buns are the perfect pairing to the pork because the buns absorbed the favor of the pork. The lettuce brings the whole bun together because it adds a fresh crisp element to the buns making it the perfect balance.photo-2 copy

Almond Pastry

While at work the Sales Manager at my job offered me this pastry that they sell where she lives, the packaging states OEC and says almond pastry. At first I did not know what to expect but I was going to taste it and I am glad that I did. While opening the packaging it looked just like a regular cracker. It was crunchy and had a sweetness to it that was not over powering though.  I believe it had what tasted like sesame seed inside it as well.  I decided to do some research on this brand and item and I found out that it was vegan. Overall I really enjoyed this. I think something like this would pair well with some coffee or hot chocolate.20160524_182233 (1)