Flour Bakery’s Famous Sticky buns

I know that for this section we are supposed to post interesting foods that we have never tried before, so writing a post about some sticky buns that I tried in Boston last weekend makes no sense here. But it felt right to write about them because they were the best sticky buns that I have tried so far and they were worth the 25 min I walked to the bakery looking at my phone trying not to get lost. The fact that I walked so far just to try these famous Sticky buns also allows me to say that I did some culinary tourism on my last visit to Boston, and that is what all this class is about.

20160522_105746-1So what makes these sticky buns so special? Definitely their taste. The buns are soft, buttery and so easy to pull apart, but the  gooey topping is what makes them extra delicious. I believe they add some kind of liquor to the caramel topping that adds a nice quick to it. I bought one bun to share with my friend, but then I decided to go back and do the line again to bring one home for next morning’s breakfast, because that’s how good they are.


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