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COURT SYSTEM RESOURCES! (charts, maps, etc.)



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  2. Review our program’s Degree Checklist!  Here’s the College Catalog–Degree Checklist is on pp. 188-189, LOTS of other useful info on pp. 186-192!
  3. Review your record on DegreeWorks!  See what classes you still need, etc.  Here’s where you can sign in, and here’s guidance for using it!
  4. See what classes are available!  Here’s a link to the schedule of classes for Summer & Fall 2021. 
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  6. Follow up with questions at any time!  Just fyi, you can change your Fall program through the first week of classes.

Other helpful advisement resources!!



Tues. Feb. 2 (class 1!) course introduction:

Th. Feb. 4 (class 2!) types of legal authorities:

Tu. Feb. 9 (class 3!) No class meeting–individual meetings instead!

Th. Feb. 11 (class 4!) binding vs. persuasive authorities; determining governing law; US legal system:

Tu. Feb. 16 (class 5!) US (federal) & NYS legal systems:

Th. Feb. 18 (class 6!) US (federal) & NYS legal systems:

Tu. Feb. 23 (class 7!)

Th. Feb. 25 (class 8!) No Zoom meeting! Optional walking tour of courts near City Tech.  

Tu. March 2 (class 9!): when federal & state courts bind each other

Th. March 4 (class 10!): federal & state courts binding each other; case reporting system; how to read a case

Tu. March 9 (class 11!): understanding cases: People v. Neulander; quiz #2!

Th. March 11 (class 12!): intro to case briefing!

Tu. March 16 (class 13!): review for midterm; reading and briefing cases!

Th. March 18 (class 14!): Midterm exam!

Tu. March 23 (class 15!): case briefing continued!  Neulander and Lisa L.

Th. March 25 (class 16!): Guest speakers!  Tevin Williams & Elizabeth Adams

Tu. April 6 (class 17!): Intro to Bluebook; advisement & registration!

  • Today’s class notes!
  • See advisement & registration steps & resources (way) up above!

Th. April 8 (class 18!): Intro to Bluebook cont’d; case briefing–Loving v. Virginia

Tu. April 13 (class 19!): case briefing continued & how to cite a case–Loving v. Virginia

Th. April 15 (class 20!):

Tu. April 20 (class 21!): Case synthesis–Loving and Obergefell; quiz #3!

Th. April 22 (class 22!): George Floyd verdict, case briefing: Trivino v. Jamesway!

Tu. April 27 (class 23!): No class session; individual meetings on Trivino briefs instead. 

Th. April 29 (class 24!): Citing NYS cases!

Tu. May 4 (class 25!): Validating case law!

Th. May 6 (class 26!): NY case citation review; statutes!

Tu. May 11 (class 27!): Citation review; administrative law!

Th. May 13 (class 28!): Secondary sources; quiz # 4!

Tu. May 18 (class 29!): Final exam review!

Th. May 20 (class 30!): FINAL EXAM!!  🙂