Articles on Derek Chauvin Verdict — Earn up to 4 points on the final exam by writing a post summarizing and responding to one of these or any other article about the April 20, 2021 conviction of Derek Chauvin of murdering George Floyd by 9am Thursday, April 22.  (Earn up to 2 points for later posts on these or any legal news articles, as explained in the regular assignment.)

Other legal news articles on which you might want to post!  Here are instructions.

Anime is Booming. So why are Animators Living in Poverty?  (NYT 02.25.21) (A legal issue in this article that you might want to address is the interesting comparisons on laws regarding wages in Japan versus US.  Just an idea!)

NAACP Sues Trump and Giuliani over Riot at US Capitol (NYT 02.16.21)

“Underground Railroad” stop right near City Tech gets landmark status (NYT 02.03.21)

NY Court of Appeals Chief Judge shows “zero tolerance” for police support of George Floyd killing (NYT 02.05.21)

Some Baby Food May Contain Toxic Metals (NYT 02.04.2021)

NY Repeals Law Against “Walking While Trans” (NYT 02.03.2021)

What Canceling Student Debt Would Do For the Racial Wealth Gap (NYT 02.01.2021)

Impeachment Case Against Trump Argues He Was “Singularly Responsible” for Capitol Riot  (NYT 02.02.2021)

How NY’s Vaccine Program Missed Black and Hispanic Residents (NYT opinion section 02.01.2021)

The Case of the Serial Sperm Donor (NYT 02.01.2021)

It’s Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Party Now (NYT opinion section 02.01.2021), about US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, member of the Republican Party representing Georgia, who claims that “California wildfires might have been caused by a space laser controlled by Jewish bankers,” the results of the 2018 midterm elections (in which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other young, non-white women were elected to Congress) as “an Islamic invasion of our government,” “endorsed calls for the execution of prominent Democrats and agreed with Facebook posts claiming that the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings were hoaxes.”

New York Schools are Segregated–Will the Next Mayor Change That? (NYT 01.29.2021)

It’s Time for Police to Stop Lying to Suspects (NYT Opinion section 01.29.2021)