Assignment 6

Create an image map, using a 15” x 15” x 1.5” box, and following the definition reviewed in class (for review see


Here are some key points to be aware of for this project:

  1. A full video tutorial series on 3 axis machining your parts is available on the Vimeo channel at NYCCTfab.
  2. Everyone should import the new Standard Roland Pallet into their Rhino files, available here:!equipmentcncmachining/c7s5
  3. Everyone should be importing the Basic Roland Tool Set into their RhinoCAM Machining Objects Browser and using those tools for all tool paths, also available from
  4. Everyone should download the NYCCT Roland Post File (also from and link it to their RhinoCAM file using the Post Object within the RhinoCAM Machining Operations Browser.
  5. Everyone can sign up for a 3 hour time slot here: (no jobs should take more than 3 hours!)
  6. Before machining you will need your tool path approved by Brian or a CNC CLT – to schedule a review of your tool paths email me with your availability – the sooner the better.

Bring the following to your appointment:

    1. plan view of your part on the pallet with dimensions and annotated screw locations
    2. front view of your part on the pallet with dimensions and annotated screw locations
    3. excel spreadsheet with critical toolpath info (sample attached in email 12/7/13)

Python Designalyze Video Assignment

Hopefully you enjoyed the Intro to Python #HourofCode lecture today. To reinforce your understanding of python scripting in rhino, we are asking you to watch and follow along with videos 0-6 on designalyze. There will be a quiz on the content on Friday.

Designalyze Python Scripting Videos

Also if you want to view the #HourofCode video from today’s class you can find it here.

CNC Mill Introduction/Preparation

You will want to view the following presentation,  and videos in preparation for Tuesday’s class (11/26):

ARCH3590 FA13 Roland 3-Axis CNC Template

Assignment 05b Laser Cut Panels for Responsive Components Project

Cut either for the beginning of class on Tuesday, Nov. 26th:

1. The three states of your panelized surface (Open, Mid, Closed), OR

2. A cluster of panels that demonstrate the responsive nature of your facade

Material/Dimensions:  Bristol board (self-purchased from Pearl Paint on Canal/Broadway or Blick just North of Houston, east of Broadway) employing a maximum individual panel size of 12″ x 12″

Prepare your model for the laser, depending on the complexity of your output, with either Grasshopper or Rhino. You will want to review one of the videos:

  • Rhino 5: Designing Folded Objects for Laser Cutting (, or
  • Fall 2013 Week 5 Panelization Part 2 (for GH, on our class website)

Photograph your laser cut outputs with a solid background (black or grey recomended). Place three strong images in the Dropbox folder, along with your presentation board file and Rhino/GH models.



Assignment 05a Responsive Facade Presentation Boards due this Tuesday, Nov. 12th

Presentation Boards for Responsive Façade

Due Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Size: 18 x 24, Landscape orientation

Layout is important for this project—(and for your portfolio!). Consider the way the images/text tell the story of the project through their placement on the board,

The presentation layout should include

  1. An image(s) of the initial condition of the Standard Hotel facades,
  2. Your geometry showing the way it moves responsively (ie. three states ranging from most closed to most opened) using thickened edges (to show sheet metal thickness),
  3. Images of the DIVA-responsive façade,
  4. DIVA irradiation analysis,
  5. DIVA daylighting analysis
  6. Sketches of your design process/thinking.

Specific Suggestions

  • For the three states, show three different angles in Views that demonstrate best the way the geometry performs.
  • Use Make 2D command: and extract the vector drawing that results from the top view
  • Export to Illustrator and modify line weights. Refer to videos below.
  • Be sure to include the key showing the range of irradiation color
  • See Boards from the Evolo skyscraper competition or other competitions for layout ideas:

Please refer to this conference presentation of last semester’s ARCH3590 projects for examples of quality presentation drawings.


DIVA Examples

The links to the student examples of DIVA projects from last semester can be found at:




DIVA Based Components Intro

The video for the content covered in class is at: about two-thirds of the way down. It is titled Week 5 DIVA Based Components. For Friday, please submit either the workflow in the video, or better yet, your design put into the DIVA solar irradiation analysis.

Homework Details For This Tuesday

For this Tuesday’s class, besides advancing your sunscreen designs, prepare brief research on 1) the concept of solar insolation, and 2) sun screen precedents.

1.  Bring one or two paragraphs of research on solar insolation. Some questions include: what are the units in which insolation is measured, what are comfortable levels of sun intensity? Feel free to include diagrams as well as text (format: Word or PowerPoint/equivalent).

2. Also, bring at least two images of sunscreens that have been designed in the past 50 years. Include a few sentences describing what makes these screens effective in blocking the sun’s heat (format: Word/ PowerPoint).


For next Tuesday’s class, in order to further your knowledge of the background of Grasshopper, we are asking you to prepare Flashcards on Quizlet ( for the following mathematical terms. This much praised app works on mobile devices and computers, and allows you to create your own flashcard decks that can include images, be shared, and include games for studying—as well as being accessible from anywhere.

(Extra credit will be given for the 5 most creative flashcard sets).

  • IntegerFloating Point
  • Significant Digits
  • NURBS / Control Point Curve
  • Interpolated Curve
  • Domain / Parametric Space
  • Geometric Continuity (G0 Positional, G1 Tangential, G2 Curvature)
  • Mathematical Curve
  • Sine Wave / Sinusoid
  • Reparameterization
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Vectors
  • Standard Basis / Unit Vectors (i 1,0,0 j 0,1,0 k 0,0,1)
  • Cross Product
  • Right-hand Rule
  • Vector Decomposition
  • Radians
  • Ruled Surface
  • Instantiation / Discretization
  • Rationalization


Revised Standard Hotel Rhino File Now Available

Click here to access the file via Dropbox:

Standard Hotel Rhino File

Assignment 04 (FALL 2013)

Assignment 04 (FALL 2013)


Fabricate your Assignment 3 Revolved Surface. Your surface should fit in a 12″ x 12″ x 12″ volume. Refer to the videos below to create panelize your surfaces.


You will be fabricating you surface using bristol board paper. Please save your grasshopper (.gh) files to your dropbox folder. Refer to the syllabus for the file naming conventions for dropbox submissions.  These are due before the next class on Friday 10/04/13.  Late assignments will receive a grade penalty. Please bring your completed surfaces with you to class on Friday. We will be pinning them up and having a discussion.


  • Design : 15%
  • Fits within the bounds of the volume (12″x 12″x 2″): 10%
  • Demonstrates Proficiency with Tool and fabrication processes (laser cutting, tabbing, labeling, nesting): 65%
  • Labeling /Organization of Dropbox / Correct File Naming: 10%



Fall 2013: Week 5 Panelization Part 1

Fall 2013: Week 5 Panelization Part 2

You can view last year’s panelization class, as well. You can find the videos here: