All workshop sessions run Saturday morning from 9am to 12:30pm in Lab 834B unless indicated otherwise below.

Workshop files will be placed in the Lab 834B desktop shortcut in a folder titled “ARCH3590_Ringley.”

Workshop 1: Saturday 9/7

  • Review of Assignment 1: Number Pattern
  • Basic linear and rectangular geometry arrays
  • Applying a number pattern or portion of a pattern to a geometry arrays as a series of list item selections
  • Applying the isolatedĀ repetitiveĀ unit of a number pattern to a geometry array as a cull pattern

Workshop 2: Saturday 9/21

  • Review of Assignment 2: Attractor Geometry andĀ Assignment 3: Revolved Surface
  • Open vs. closed and aperiodic vs. periodic profile curves
  • Beyond Revolve: Rail revolved surfaces andĀ Series-transformed polar arrays
  • Iterating in Grasshopper: Animated sliders and saved states
  • Dividing a surface
  • Surface border span direction relative to surface normal
  • Creating text labels for objects; controlling text color and size
  • Gradated text label color based on attractor point

Workshop 3: Saturday 9/28

  • Attractor-based aperture panel review, secondary apertures via corner filleting, and other alternative design options
  • Different unrolling methods in Grasshopper
  • Basic rectangular grid nesting for laser cutting using the Grasshopper Surface Frames
  • Relocating labels from part centers to part tabs
  • Single-stroke “machine” fonts for quicker laser-etched part-labeling (Gh FabTools)
  • Smart baking Grasshopper objects onto the correct layers within the laser cutting template (Gh Lunchbox)
  • Associating geometry for nesting operations and nesting objects for efficient sheet layouts (RhinoNest)
  • Help with Assignment 4 laser cut model assembly (as needed)
  • Placing folded tabs on 3D model for clash detection (time allowing)

Workshop 4: Saturday 10/5

  • Review of Assignment 5: Responsive Components
  • Setting parameter extremes and automating iteration between minimum and maximum conditions
  • Review of saved states and slider animation
  • Using MovieMaker to export responsive component animations

Workshop 5: Saturday 10/12 ***shortened session: 9am to 11am only***

  • to be determined

Workshop 6: Saturday 10/19
Workshop 7: Saturday 10/26
Workshop 8: Saturday 11/2
Workshop 9: Saturday 11/9
Workshop 10: Saturday 11/16
Workshop 11: Saturday 11/23
Workshop 12: Saturday 12/7
Workshop 13: Saturday 12/14
Workshop 14: Saturday 12/21

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