Assignment 05b Laser Cut Panels for Responsive Components Project

Cut either for the beginning of class on Tuesday, Nov. 26th:

1. The three states of your panelized surface (Open, Mid, Closed), OR

2. A cluster of panels that demonstrate the responsive nature of your facade

Material/Dimensions:  Bristol board (self-purchased from Pearl Paint on Canal/Broadway or Blick just North of Houston, east of Broadway) employing a maximum individual panel size of 12″ x 12″

Prepare your model for the laser, depending on the complexity of your output, with either Grasshopper or Rhino. You will want to review one of the videos:

  • Rhino 5: Designing Folded Objects for Laser Cutting (, or
  • Fall 2013 Week 5 Panelization Part 2 (for GH, on our class website)

Photograph your laser cut outputs with a solid background (black or grey recomended). Place three strong images in the Dropbox folder, along with your presentation board file and Rhino/GH models.



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