Assignment 05a Responsive Facade Presentation Boards due this Tuesday, Nov. 12th

Presentation Boards for Responsive Façade

Due Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Size: 18 x 24, Landscape orientation

Layout is important for this project—(and for your portfolio!). Consider the way the images/text tell the story of the project through their placement on the board,

The presentation layout should include

  1. An image(s) of the initial condition of the Standard Hotel facades,
  2. Your geometry showing the way it moves responsively (ie. three states ranging from most closed to most opened) using thickened edges (to show sheet metal thickness),
  3. Images of the DIVA-responsive façade,
  4. DIVA irradiation analysis,
  5. DIVA daylighting analysis
  6. Sketches of your design process/thinking.

Specific Suggestions

  • For the three states, show three different angles in Views that demonstrate best the way the geometry performs.
  • Use Make 2D command: and extract the vector drawing that results from the top view
  • Export to Illustrator and modify line weights. Refer to videos below.
  • Be sure to include the key showing the range of irradiation color
  • See Boards from the Evolo skyscraper competition or other competitions for layout ideas:

Please refer to this conference presentation of last semester’s ARCH3590 projects for examples of quality presentation drawings.


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