The Faculty Coordinator for the Communication Design 4900 Internship Course is Assistant Professor Tanya Goetz. Assistant Professor Tanya Goetz also teaches one or two sections of COMD 4900 in an academic year. The Adjunct Faculty Professor who also teaches this course is Prof. Stella Nicolaou. Contact Information is listed below for both myself and Professor Nicolaou:

Tanya Goetz
Assistant Professor
COMD 4900 Course Coordinator

Stella Nicolaou

Each semester, there are several sections of internship running: the sections are hybrid classes.  Your instructor will be reaching out to you via email to let you know whether your class will be on Blackboard and/or zoom, etc.  However, across all sections, students are required to work 120 hours at an internship site approved by the department. Sixty percent (60%) of the student’s grade in this class is determined by the Internship Supervisor’s Evaluation. See the Internship Supervisor Evaluation Form below so you can review it before enrolling in the class.

This class is designated as a writing-intensive class by the department. Therefore, the remaining 40% of a student’s grade will be determined by the completion of a learning journal (30%) and an oral presentation (10%) based on the student’s internship experience. Your individual section’s instructor will provide more details regarding these two assignments for this class. The instructors for this class are there as mentors if you have not yet found an internship before registering for the course. However, the instructors do not find an internship placement for you. It is your responsibility to find a position that fits your personal career path and this class is designed to give you a taste of job hunting in the real world once you leave the halls of CityTech. Ideally, you will use this site to find an internship the semester before taking the COMD 4900 class.

For all COMD 4900 classes, the student will be responsible for submitting the following documents to their internship instructor. A sample of each of these documents are linked right below its bullet-point description

1. Internship Agreement Form–this document is submitted to the instructor as soon as the student has started working at the internship site. This is a college-wide internship agreement form.

2. Internship Hours Time Sheet–this document is filled out by the internship supervisor and submitted by the student to the internship instructor once the student has completed the class requirements of 120 hours of fieldwork during the course of the semester

 3. Supervisor Evaluation Form–this document is filled out by the internship supervisor once the internship is completed and it is the means by which the supervisor provides feedback to you, the intern, regarding your performance on the job site. It is an opportunity to sit down and reflect with your supervisor on the work that you have done. This evaluation is 60% of your class for the internship class and must be submitted to your instructor by the last class meeting date of the semester for which you are enrolled.

The Final Grade for this class will be calculated as follows:

60% Supervisor Evaluation at the Internship
30% Internship Learning Journal on OpenLab
10% Final Presentation to Classmates of Internship Experience

This class is designated as a writing-intensive class by the department. Therefore, 30% of a student’s grade will be determined by the completion of a learning journal on Openlab and an oral presentation based on the student’s internship experience. The final 10% of the student’s grade is based on an oral presentation to your instructor and your classmates during the final 2 classes. 

• A Sample of the Guidelines for the Learning Journal in my class is attached below. These are from a past semester but they will give you an idea of the requirements you will have with regard to the blog for this class. Other instructors may have different requirements for their journals.

COMD4900 LearningJournalGuidelinesR7

And the rubric for how the journal will be graded is below:


The oral presentation rubric is provided below.