The Write Stuff

Since this is a writing intensive class, the department has compiled a few text recommendations and online sites to help you polish the prose in your internship journal and craft a concise, compelling resume and cover letter.

Classic Writing Guides

  • Rules of Thumb
     Jay Silverman and Elaine Hughes
  • The Elements of Style
    William Strunk, Jr.
  • AP Stylebook
    Associated Press
  • The Chicago Manual of Style
    University of Chicago Press Staff

Online Style Guides

  • The Owl at Purdue
    Purdue’s Online Writing Lab is perhaps the leading internet site for U.S. students for information on improving one’s writing. They have specific sections of the site to work on mechanics, on your grammar and punctuation. They also have a section of this site devoted to job search writing: resumes, cover letters, etc. so click here for that section of the Owl.
  • Harvard College Writing Center
    Why not visit Harvard right here from Brooklyn? This site has a good set of tips regarding avoiding common grammar mistakes.
  • Grammar GirlWe are visual people in the COMD department and so is grammar girl. Her writing tips are all introduced with some clever imagery. So, enjoy perusing her site and finding out if her style works for you.

Plug-Ins to Assist with  Grammar

There are many software plug-ins to help you proofread and edit text, I recommend you make
use of them or at least evaluate them during this class to see how they might be helpful to you.
Among these are:
• Grammarly

The following site has  good insights into crafting a resume for our field or offering other types of career advice for students in our field:


















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