Portfolio & Resume Resources

Here are some key items to think about when crafitng a resume;

  • Make sure it is one page long and no longer and there should be no typos.
  • Be sure you have your portfolio link and email contact info at the top of the page below your name. There is no need anymore to list your full street address. You can list your phone number and you should also have your LinkedIn page too or another social media site with professional work showcased on it. Don’t use your Facebook page. Your portfolio link and LinkedIn page should be hyperlinked in the PDF of your resume.
  • You are still a college student so put your Education first–unless you have a significant amount of Related Work Experience. Your Degree is a BFA in Communication Design and you should be sure to identify New York City College of Technology as part of CUNY
  • You resume should showcase your typography and design  skills–it should be legible and attractive. Use your design skills to organize the page so the viewer can quickly absorb the information. Most hiring managers look at a resume for less than a minute.
  • Make sure you organize your work experience clearly. The easiest way to do this chronologically by your current job first.
  • If you don’t have graphic design experience, list your employment spots outside of our field. If you work at a restaurant, that is customer service and you learn a great deal about communicating effectively with consumers. If you do have design experience, highlight it by having a “Related Experience” heading or listing it first.
  • Make sure you list any awards or academic honors
  • Do highlight your Language skills, preferably  in a separate category from your Software Skills
  • Every student has different skill sets and interests–in your resume, you want to grab someone’s eye and distinguish yourself from other applicants. If you have unique hobbies or interests, put them on there. If you volunteer in the community, put it on there. You never know when the hiring manager is also interested in Ultimate Frisbee,  birdwatching or is a member of NYPIRG too. If you have illustration skills,  find some way to showcase those skills right on the resume.
  • If you are from a New York City High School that is large, put it on there as there are many alumni who attended that school also.

The following sites/videos/ have  good insights into crafting a resume:


• Read http://selfrecruiter.com/advice/ page on connecting on Linked IN and also downloadfrom this site the Guide to Resumes and review the sample resumes on this site.


Illustration Portfolios of Two City Tech Alumni



Portfolio Advice from TitMouse Animation

This video is geared for those interested in animation but it has good tips for all students in it


  1. Review the Free Guide on Mastering “LinkedIn” at http://www.careerly.co/downloadable-documents/
  2. “Create an Awesome Portfolio” at https://www.canva.com/learn/portfolio/
  3. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/04/how-to-land-a-first-rate-graphic-design-internship