On the home page of this site I post internship spots that come to my attention. If you join this site, you will be emailed these openings automatically. You should also talk to your professors and network with them. The course leader the different areas of our field are:

  • For web design is Professor Wong
  • For graphic design it is Professor Maria Giuliani
  • For Advertising, it is Professor Doug Davis
  • For Motion Graphics, Ā it is Professor George Larkin and Professor Kapusinski
  • For Illustration, you can connect with Ā Professor Neugeboren or Professor Wooley.

You should also make sure you are on the Communication Design at CityTech Facebook page as our alumni, adjuncts all post positions there, as do I. You can also make an appointment to see me to discuss your internship search at tgoetz@citytech.cuny.edu. No need to wait until you are registered. It is best to start searching even BEFORE you register for the class. Use this site as a resource for your search. We have posted many online job sites on this site under Where to Find A JobĀ on this site’s navigation bar.

The key question for you to answer as you begin your search is: what type of job do I want upon graduation? The answer to that question guides your search for an internship that will put you on the career path to the job you currently want upon graduation–your goals may change after a year or two on the job–they may even change after your internship but you need to have a goal to find the right internship for you. So, if you really want to be in advertising, focus your search on agencies, large and small. If you love design, then you want to seek out spots that allow you to pursue that interest and begin with design firms whose work you admire. For the most competitive firms and agencies, you will have tough competition so if you are concerned about the strength of your portfolio, then you need to work on refining and improving it in tandem with an internship at a company that will help nurture your skills. Sometimes, that is a smaller firm or a non-profit.

The next important place to begin your search is The CityTech Professional Development Center located in Atrium 114 within the Welcome Center. Please visit the PDC and pick up their calendar of events and workshops. You should also register for Handshake. You can access the services of the PDC by sending an email to pdc@citytech.cuny.edu. In your email you can:

  • email career-related questions
  • send your resume for review
  • request a one-on-one career coachingĀ session
  • receive addresses of employers who looking to conduct on-campus information sessions and interviews

You can also phone the Professional Development Center at 718-260-5050 .

With regard to internships, the PDC conducts ongoing recruitment for internships and employment opportunities as they come in from employers. You should regularly check the email you listed in CUNYfirst as this is the email the PDF uses to inform students of these opportunities.

Application deadlines for Spring internships Brooklyn Navy internships are usually in the previous fall in early November and for Fall in late August/early September. Check with the PDC for the dates of the information workshops they hold the first week of November.

There is also the CUNY service Corp and the CUNY Cultural Corp which offers internships. Again, recruitment information for those positions can be found at the PDC.