Networking is the number one way professionals land jobs. You will need to network throughout your career.   Linkedin and the Communication Design Facebook page are vehicles for networking but you should join at least one or two of the organizations below, based on whichever ones suit your interests and career goals.

Student Clubs

There are many student clubs on campus. Below are the three COMD clubs and you should join one of these as they will become the ideal networking group here on campus.

  • Moving Pixels- COMD Club; Prof. Josh Kapusinski, advisor
  • Art & Design club; Prof. George Garrastegui, advisor
  • Ink Club; Prof. Woolley and Prof. Neugeboren, advisors

In addition to the COMD student clubs, student government or another student club are excellent places to network here at City Tech as well.

Professional Organizations

Below is a list of some of the professional organizations in our field. Visit the site of the association that most interests you and start attending their events. Many hold lectures and exhibits that are free; some have a nominal fee. Some have job boards that are available for members only BUT you can often still see the type of listings they have BEFORE you join and this allows you to make a choice as to whether to pay the annual membership fee for students. Many of these fees are not that high, relative to the cost of other consumer goods and it represents an important investment in your career. 

BLAC  Building Leaders and Creators:

Interactive Advertising Bureau at

Advertising Club Young Guns at   at

Advertising Production Club at

Society of Illustrators at

Association of Medical Illustrators at

Illustrate Change: a site devoted to building the largest library of BIPOC medical illustrations

Creative Coalition of Color – from the group’s website– “We are a black-led, minority majority coalition in the film marketing and entertainment advertising communities whose mission is to find, attract, hire, and support minority talent in our industry.

AIGA at and

4 As at

Siggraph at

. Professional Photographers of America at

American Society of Media Photographers at

American Photography Association at

American Photographic Artists at

. Graphic Artists Guild at

International Council of Communication Design at

PaperSpecs at

Creativity Online at

Flipboard at

Evernote at

ASIFA- East:

.212 NYC:
This is an advertising professional networking group

MPA : The Association of Magazine Publishers of America

.This is a meetup group dedicated to the art of figure drawing and for those of you interested in illustration, definitely work checking out as it is a lively group with quite a full calendar.

This is an interesting group that offers job connections for “talented creatives”–membership is free and entirely portfolio drive. You give them your contact information and send them your portfolio and they either accept you as a member …. or not. But the site is worth looking at just for the blog and other information.

Draw New York is yet another Group Devoted to illustration around town. See their website at