COMD Dept. Employer List

The Communication Design Department has a list of employers in the area who have recently hosted one of our department’s students for an internship. Some of these are paid internships and some are not. This list includes specific contact information (address, emails of internship supervisors) Please contact  Assistant Professor Tanya Goetz at for a copy of this list via email so you can receive this list.  A few of of the sites our students have worked for in the past are listed below:

  • Infor                                                                  NY, NY
  • Kenneth Cole                                                  Astoria, NY
  • Brooklyn College                                           Brooklyn, NY
  • Transit Museum                                            Brooklyn, NY
  • Etsy                                                                  Brooklyn, NY
  • Whitney Museum                                          NY, NY
  • Major League Baseball                                 NY, NY
  • CUNY TV                                                          NY, NY
  • VMR                                                                  SuccaSunna, NY
  • Vyater Group
  •  Wintec                                                            NY, NY
  • Slam Media                                                     NY, NY


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