Celebrity Pregnancy – Kelvin Moncion – 2/25

Before Beyonce’s head turning pregnancy, that drove the whole media and fan base wild, we had Demi Moore’s pregnancy in 1991. Of course with these pregnancies. came the photographs of these women. Starting with Demi Moore’s which was photographed by Annie Leibowitz, the photograph turned lots of head, one half of the people did not like it at all, the fact that Moore was in the nude was an act of “indecency” and was viewed as “scandalous”. The other half embraced the fact that Moore felt comfortable and, Moore was representing motherhood in a way that has never been publicized before. This even paved way for a new concept that photographers would use in the future where it is all about capturing the the beauty of pregnancy. Moving on to Beyonce’s photograph, this captured the eyes of everyone and it was plastered everywhere (annoying.) you could not escape it. Beyonce uses a fine arts insinuation, which was Paula Modersohn-Becker’s painting “Sixth Wedding Anniversary”, you can see Beyonce holding her belly the same way Paula did. Comparing Moore’s and Beyonce’s pregnancy photographs both photographers use different approaches for example in Moore’s we see that Leibowitz used a broad light on her, which compliments the left side of her face and ears, her right hand covering her breast and the left hand holding her belly. For Beyonce’s it looks as if Erizku used a front light, there is a balance of lights and shadows, which would be a really flat and boring picture, but what really puts everything together is the flora in the back, the vibrant colours give this photo a beautiful finish, which is symbolic as well, since flowers represent love, beauty, purity and, that is every emotion and thought that goes through a mother when she first holds her newborn in her hands.

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  1. rmichals

    You observe correctly that Leibowitz used broad light for her photo of Demi Moore while Erizku used front light for Beyonce. Stereotypically, broad light is used in portraits to bring out character while front light is often used for fashion and beauty. I think that fits the agendas of these two photographers.


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