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See the glass half empty or half full? Why Optimists are Happier, Healthier and Wealthier. In this article it talks about the people who are happier seems to feel less stressed by having a positive outlook on things. It creates a healthy atmosphere.

Solution: I wanted to create a photo of the glass half empty with a rich gold background that signifies wealth and the extension of the champagne glass to represent it’s elevation to the top in happiness.


A Healthy Outlook A Healthy Outlook. Reveals that pessimists have higher blood pressure than their Reveals that pessimists have higher blood pressure than their more optimistic counterparts more optimistic counterparts.

This article talks about the downside of pessimists that are stressed that leads to higher blood pressure and appears to be negative in interpersonal interactions.

Solution: I wanted to create a dark mood of the glass filling up as representing the blood pressure and the dark colors of red and blue to represent the blood and the heart to show the downside of sadness.

she Being Brand/ Coming Home Detroit

The Poem “she Being Brand” describes a woman’s first time sexual experience. The author uses a car as a metaphor to describes the parts of a woman, how nervous she is, and the process of the experience and the finale.

Solution: I wanted to create the beauty of the car and to highlight its color.


The Poem “Coming Home Detroit” describes the catastrophe while returning back home. There is chaos and tragedy as one person is driving and seeing the terror and sadness in a child’s eyes.

Solution: I am choosing to shoot a car with the highlight of the tragedy of fire as a reflection of the car to give that dark mood with a classic feel.

Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow/Headphones

For this shoot, I wanted to create a hearing loss ad that promotes sadness. The model has a dark mood of sadness with showing one side with an ear bud representing how it affects hearing loss.

For the Headphones Advertising shoot, I chose Sony. The model is wearing the headphones and enjoying the effects of air, water and sound as a metaphor of the quality the headphones bring.

Healthcare I’m InSured

Healthcare advertising is to promote the types of insurance that offers benefits that would be suited for an individual and families. In their campaigns, the photos are bright and shows the diversity of people of all ages with a loving feel and healthy look.

Solution: I wanted to create an ad that shows the satisfied look and feeling great about making the right choice for healthcare.

Social Media Addiction

In this article, social media like Facebook and YouTube are an addiction. This addiction has a psychological effect to draw more and more people everyday. People are unaware of how long they spend on these sites because of the news feeds and notifications and continuous browsing. Cornell Information Science has posted a study used data to quit called which is to encourage people to stop using Facebook for 99 days. An artist and computer scientist, Jonathan Harris created a web experience called the Network Effect. How this works is that it lets you surf the feeds and other people activites on different social medias but locks you out for 24 hours for you to take a break. YouTube is another addiction as the new TV with more than one channel. This is just like watching television non stop but with more options. People are even more engaged with the live view interaction from celebrities that makes them feel like they have a personal relationship. Mike Eglan gives an advice of keeping track of your time and how many times you are using social media and to only go on once a day.

Solution: I wanted to show a person who is resisting and addicted to technology of social media by having people trying to take away their technology devices.

The Lower Manhattan Revival

In this article, it describes the rebuilding of the New Lower Manhattan, One World Trade Center. This development occurred due to the 9/11 attack 13 years ago. At the stage of the blueprint, Scott Rechler, a real estate developer, wanted to create something new, memorable and the strength of new yorkers revival. At Ground Zero, a memorial was built for the 9/11 victims and their families. In the neighborhood, a lot of business and people were relocated to a different area in order to bring new buildings and new businesses. The population of people has tripled in the area. This site has attracted media, advertising and technology companies that received a discount on office space. Despite the tragedy that took place, the people have a place to remember what took place but to also see the positive and to show how strong they are in overcoming into something better.

Solution: The new development of the One World Trade Center.

What is the Point of College?

In this article, it talks about students that are applying to two year/ four year colleges are looking to explore what they can get out of college and how it benefits them. Preparation and value of higher education and developed skills is what they are looking for to apply it to themselves and the real world. Utility and Utopia are two visions that describes the benefits of college and living it. At Utopia U. , it allows students to think freely, be able to solve problems they may face for themselves with proper guidance and develop valuable morals.


In these photos, I wanted to create an onsite interaction of students that show the benefits of a positive environment of getting along with students and just having a good discussion vs. the after a day in college of the work and challenges that has been faced that makes you reevaluate your decision.

Final Project

Novacane by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is an R&B artist. From his album, “Nostalgia”, I decided to pick the song “Novacane”. In his song, he describes the feeling of an illusion while being on drugs. The breakdown of the title “Novacane” has been broken down to 2 meanings, “Nova” which means star, bright, shiny especially in the dark and cain which is a play on word that has to do with drugs an alcohol. Due to the explicit meaning , I decided to use these words from the song.

“Now I’m something like the chemist on campus
But there’s no drug around quite like what I found in you, you
I still can’t feel my face
What am I smokin’ anyway?
She said don’t let the high go to waste”

I wanted to focus more on the many faces and expressions of the illusions of what being on drugs with the different colors and the effect that it gives.