The Lower Manhattan Revival

In this article, it describes the rebuilding of the New Lower Manhattan, One World Trade Center. This development occurred due to the 9/11 attack 13 years ago. At the stage of the blueprint, Scott Rechler, a real estate developer, wanted to create something new, memorable and the strength of new yorkers revival. At Ground Zero, a memorial was built for the 9/11 victims and their families. In the neighborhood, a lot of business and people were relocated to a different area in order to bring new buildings and new businesses. The population of people has tripled in the area. This site has attracted media, advertising and technology companies that received a discount on office space. Despite the tragedy that took place, the people have a place to remember what took place but to also see the positive and to show how strong they are in overcoming into something better.

Solution: The new development of the One World Trade Center.

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