Social Media Addiction

In this article, social media like Facebook and YouTube are an addiction. This addiction has a psychological effect to draw more and more people everyday. People are unaware of how long they spend on these sites because of the news feeds and notifications and continuous browsing. Cornell Information Science has posted a study used data to quit called which is to encourage people to stop using Facebook for 99 days. An artist and computer scientist, Jonathan Harris created a web experience called the Network Effect. How this works is that it lets you surf the feeds and other people activites on different social medias but locks you out for 24 hours for you to take a break. YouTube is another addiction as the new TV with more than one channel. This is just like watching television non stop but with more options. People are even more engaged with the live view interaction from celebrities that makes them feel like they have a personal relationship. Mike Eglan gives an advice of keeping track of your time and how many times you are using social media and to only go on once a day.

Solution: I wanted to show a person who is resisting and addicted to technology of social media by having people trying to take away their technology devices.

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