Final Project

Novacane by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is an R&B artist. From his album, “Nostalgia”, I decided to pick the song “Novacane”. In his song, he describes the feeling of an illusion while being on drugs. The breakdown of the title “Novacane” has been broken down to 2 meanings, “Nova” which means star, bright, shiny especially in the dark and cain which is a play on word that has to do with drugs an alcohol. Due to the explicit meaning , I decided to use these words from the song.

“Now I’m something like the chemist on campus
But there’s no drug around quite like what I found in you, you
I still can’t feel my face
What am I smokin’ anyway?
She said don’t let the high go to waste”

I wanted to focus more on the many faces and expressions of the illusions of what being on drugs with the different colors and the effect that it gives.

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