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She Being Brand/Coming Home Detroit

She Being Brand: The author’s expresses the excitement of driving a car for the first time through the street of Boston. The poem uses a metaphor of passion, ecstasy and intensity as if the author was having his first time sexual experience.

Coming Home Detroit: This poem is gritty and completely opposite from She being Brand. The narrative of the poem describes a scenario where hard times have been of great impact on the people living in the city.

Communication Problem: To develop an story with a strong composition, showing sensuality, excitement and a ambience of passion.

Image ideas: I would like to use props like candles, smoke(incense) and water to manifest lust, passion, and affection.



4) Health care for all


  • Brand Identity: WESC is a premium streetwear brand born in the streets of Stockholm, offering 
innovative and contemporary clothing and accessories for the intellectual slacker who is seeking to express originality in a world of uniform thinking. Their Target Audience is people in the late teen to mid-thirties.


  • NYC Public Service Campaign: The NYC public service campaign on hearing loss aims to encourages people to lower the volume when using their headphones in order to prevent future hearing loss. According to NYEE (New York Eye and Ear Infirmary), “Hearing loss is a critical public health issue. According to The National Institutes of Health, approximately 36 million Americans already have some degree of hearing loss…”
  • Image Ideas:  Close up photos, different perspectives of the subject wearing the headphones, focus on a laidback-and-friendly attitude.


2) Lower Manhattan Revival


  • Summary: The article talks about the drastic change after 9/11 of the lower Manhattan. The narrative of the article tells us that a lot of business are coming back to Wall street and also the positive improvement of peoples lives thanks to the new construction of both the One World Trade center and the Oculus.
  • Communication Problem: The images on this ad campaign should be positive and uplifting, nothing nostalgic or sad. The aim is to demonstrate the ability to create lively environment in the lower Manhattan.
  • Image Ideas:  Photos of the new buildings, photos of the people around the busy streets of the lower Manhattan, Photos of  kids which represent the youth coming to the neighborhood

1) Utility U. Vs Utopia U.


  • Summary: The article talks about colleges and universities and how they can be categorized in two sections Utility U. which defines studying and learning technical skill, and Utopia U. which is the exploration of each individual and their characteristics. 
  • Communication Problem: It should be communicated the difference between each concept and how do they relate to the students.
  • Image Ideas: Utility U. can be a student in the library doing homework surrounded by piles of books, and Utopia U can be a student reading a big colorful board that has many typaces and colors and shapes.