4) Health care for all


  • Brand Identity:¬†WESC is a¬†premium streetwear brand born in the streets of Stockholm, offering ‚Ä®innovative and contemporary clothing and accessories for the intellectual slacker who is seeking to express originality in a world of uniform thinking. Their Target Audience is people in the late teen to mid-thirties.


  • NYC Public Service¬†Campaign:¬†The NYC public service campaign on hearing loss aims to encourages people to lower the volume when using their headphones in order to prevent future hearing loss. According to NYEE (New York Eye and Ear Infirmary), “Hearing loss is a critical public health issue. According to The National Institutes of Health, approximately 36 million Americans already have some degree of hearing loss…”
  • Image Ideas:¬† Close up photos, different perspectives of the subject wearing the headphones, focus on a laidback-and-friendly attitude.


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